Friday, November 30, 2007

My first Chinese friends:)

My Picks

Their Picks

Conclusion: when I compare my picks with theirs, I am more eager to solve my technical problems.

My two new friends were very patient with me and they really tried to help as much as possible.

One of them (the male one) even gave me a link to something in Chinese that looks like a music Internet portal (he talked about Vitas who apparently is a European singer, first time I heard this name...)

He sent me some picks that you can see above (the ones with avatars under names!) so I now have my first Chinese contact in my gmail;)

To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than friendship.
Thomas Moore,Irish poet (1779 - 1852)

The light is coming...

You can't have a light without a dark to stick it in.
Arlo Guthrie, US folksinger (1947 - )

Another try...

I decided to persevere...

The light is coming inch by inch.

I should have named my avatar Snail.

Now here is what I managed to get from Hipihi...



Create scene

Create terrain





Individual panel personal information

Individual panel personal settings

System settings

Possess Intel

And now to give evidence that I could take snapshots from Hipihi, here are some of my in-world picks.

Pitch dark

Flame in the night

Intel and the Moon

LETNI towards East (sunrise...?)

Is this what we could call making strides...?

Work in progress.

I am still invisible, but not totally blind, maybe I will find a good eye specialist.

By perseverance the snail reached the ark.
Charles Haddon Spurgeon, English preacher (1834 - 1892)