Monday, December 24, 2007

HiPiHi version 40013

Last night I fancied having a walk in HiPiHi before going to bed, but surprise! a new version was available and I had to upload it.
I clicked on the left button, I will never know what the right one was for.

At first the upload seemed to be performed, very slowly, with this little enigmatic box, my Installation file remaining "silent", so I went downstairs to watch a movie in my lounge while the small bar made its way.
strange upload

Almost two hours later I could launch the "normal" installation.
very strange upload

First attempt: failure!
But I am used to that and I am not so easily discouraged.
no response from the server

After two failures the third attempt is the good one, even if I still have this naughty message.
As always I can't see anything, so I go in my system settings and choose 'Clear' instead of 'Normal' image, and that's all.
no response again

As I do not have much time I only want to see if the inventory problems are fixed.
Apparently they are, I can open all the folders now and I can rez all objects without freezing my whole computer with a memory overrun.
The first folder in the Backpack (what we name Inventory in Second Life) is dedicated to several rocky forms and a statue (actually an Easter island statue)
first folder

In the second folder, where there are plenty of items, you can find all you need to decorate your home surroundings, or build a Museum, or a Theatre, or whatever you want to build anyway.
second folder

second folder bis

second folder ter

The third folder contains what you need for inside your home, but I must admit that the TV set is really imposing...
third folder

In the fourth folder you get a jungle with live and dead vegetation, the colors are really bright and diversified.
fourth folder

Your home is in the fifth folder with some outdoor equipment.
fifth folder

In the sixth folder you get the Chinese army surplus, some advertising outfits and various means of transportation such as a kind of gondola.
sixth folder

There are two isolated items at the end of the list.
The first one is a little blinking plaque where you can read HiPiHi; in my previous visits I remarked that I could teleport with this plaque to one specific location, maybe a HiPiHi help center, but now my repeated clicks do not give any result.
The second item is a small green arrow that disappears when you close the edit window and reappears when you open it again...
two last objects

I don't know what really these two items are for, but I will be more cautious in the future, because after having tried several times to click on them, here is the apparent result:
cleaning the place
Maybe I should read the documentation...?
Anyway it's not a problem so far as I intended to clean the place before building my own world on my land.
my new surroundings
The question is: how long will it last...?

Always be wary of any helpful item that weighs less than its operating manual.
Terry Pratchett