Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tonight I feel alone...

Fortunately I have a close neighbour still watching me!

Sometimes I think we're alone. Sometimes I think we're not. In either case, the thought is staggering.
R. Buckminster Fuller
US architect & engineer (1895 - 1983)

Sebcaen Ulysses - A picture only...

One picture is worth a thousand words.
Fred R. Barnard

Spam template

(English version)

(En Castellano)

Merci de transmettre l'importante information qui suit à au moins 10 personnes de votre entourage.

Je vdaurois arptpoer ma ptetie ctbotriuonin aux pensreons irtéésesnes par la cnctoeiofn d’un sapm eccfiafe.
Il sfiuft d’aargrenr les lrtetes d’une cteianre fçoan à l’itrieéunr des mtos aifn q’un lceeutr hamuin pisuse en cmdorprene le snes mias pas une mhicnae cghéare de rpéeerr les smpas.
Ce n’est pas la pniee de me rmeeecirr, pcrae que j’orffe mon iéde en oepn srocue à ttuoe la cmtuamuoné des smueprmas du mdnoe eetnir.
En fiat je ne fias clea qu’en pur étcgsnermioe puor pssear à la ptsiétroé.

La postérité peut se tromper aussi bien que n'importe qui.
Heywood Brown
Extrait des Oeuvres


English version
Please convey the important information that follows to at least 10 people you know.

I wuold lkie to mkae my llitte cbnittouoirn to ppeloe irtseeetnd in the custincootrn of an evfcteife sapm.
Jsut agranre the lrteets in a ctiaern way wiihtn the wrdos so taht a hmaun rdeaer can usdennatrd the mneaing, but not a mcniahe rnsbeoplsie for ityiindnfeg sapm.
Trhee is no need to tnahk, baesuce I oeffr my ieda as oepn srocue for the etrine ctmounmiy of smaprems aurnod the wrlod.
In fcat I do it in prue slef-cdtreeeennss to mvoe to prstteioy.

Posterity is as likely to be wrong as anyone else.
Heywood Broun, Sitting on the World, 1924
US journalist (1888 - 1939)


En Castellano
Por favor, transmita la importante información que sigue a por lo menos 10 personas que conoces.

Me gítursaa heacr mi pñueeqa cótrnoubiicn a las pnroaess idteeraasns en la cctnóscuiorn de un prormaga eiacfz de sapm.
Bstaa dnsoeipr de las lreats de una dmtdieerana menraa dterno de las pbaaarls de mdoo que un ltcoer hmauno pedua ennetedr el sdfiiicgano, preo no una muániqa rspebnalose de la ifcciiinótdaen de sapm.
No es nsceeiaro acdeerrmage, purqoe ozrfceo mi ieda cmoo de cdgióo aeirtbo praa tdoa la cmiudnaod de smaerpms en tdoo el mnduo.
De hheco lo hgao en el enromgtseico pruo praa psaar a la ptisaerdod.

¿Por qué debería preocuparme por la posteridad? ¿Qué ha hecho la posteridad por mí?
Groucho Marx (1890-1977) Actor estadounidense.


Storytelling in Sl

Snapshots: Arm Strom

" The Carnival of Doom".

You have got a spam

I just have received this magnificent spam!


Are you a ffrequent visitor of retaail softtware stores?
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The man pulled himself together, and faced us them. You must
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looked at such remarks of birds and other animals, such
as deer. They she was drowsy, hemmed in by the storm. She
sighed: would not prevent it. We cannot emancipate them
murder, said orlando, advancing. Don't you seeit he would
explain to her that she must not think turned her head away
and fainted. Madame homais, punishment, he passed didn't
mrs. Allen give you round to look at the frenchmen. They
had altogether all right,'' said lincoln, when conwell finished.
do to help him? Nothing. He was out of her reach. A wink
of sleep, and i am perfectly wornout with.

You can admire the perfection of the approach, as Google didn't locate it and let it reach my in-box.

The first part is the message itself, with duplicated letters so that Google didn't perceive the spam, for example "ffrequent visitor of retaail softtware"
Obviously frequent, retail and software are words that attract the attention of Google's robots...

The second part is a decoy, its purpose is only to deceive Google, well done!

If you trust Google more than your doctor then maybe it's time to switch doctors.
Jadelr and Cristina Cordova, Chasing Windmills, 08-21-06