Saturday, February 14, 2009

"What is art exactly" ? Podcast. Brooklyn is Watching, Second life. Jack the Pelican, New York

Snapshots from Brooklyn is Watching (BIW), and some of the art discussed in their Podcast 45 and 46 and shown in the video published at the 13 th of February 2009.

Artists: Ichibot Nishi and Arm Strom. Dekka Raymaker did later on, add his syringes.  I think the syringes do contribute to the project in a brilliant way.  

Podcasts from Brooklyn is watching. The regulars Jay Van Buren (Jay Newt) and Boris Kizelshteyn were joined by Alpha Auer, the artist and blogger of NPIRL.  There was a conversation about the wealth of interesting art on the SIM. 

"Every story should have something icky about it, otherwise its not a story": Alpha Auer.

I have removed the teapot with the script. It was partly ment like a disguice for more serious matter. The english word "disguise", was new for me when i started to play in Second life.

Later on i have added a new version of my insect, some sort of a parasitize wasp.

I have a playful aproach to Second life, and here i use a script from Arcadia... I have had a lot of fun with "the animated states of A..." Thank you!

Text and snapshots: Arm Strom.

The website of the New York gallery Jack the Pelican presents: Brooklyn is Watching.

Podcast BIW 45: 7 th of February 2009: "Every story should have something icky about it, otherwise its not a story".

Podcast BIW 46: 14 th of February 2009: "Cadavre exquis de l’espace".