Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pavig Lok, Ichibot Nishi and the Second life art exibition landscape - Brooklyn is watching - at Popcha

Art: Ichibot Nishi

Snapshots: Arm Strom 

By "tracking" the Second life mentors Pavig Lok and LittleToe Bartlett, i found Popcha. Popcha and Broocklyn is watching, with ever changing modelling projects, art installations and educational profile.


Some days ago i put up my yellow and black walls, and got an interesting message from Ichibot Nishi, ... in the shape of a pink chainsaw. Ishibot is one of the artists i really have recognized at Popcha.

It reminds me of the first project i saw by Ichibot Nishi, in july 2008. I wonder what the artist likes to tell us?

When spellchecking some names i found this link: Broocklyn is watching Podcast # 45 from yesterday 7.february 2009.