Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The new version...

Ok Daneel, I will have a look at OPML, but first cast a glance at my rebirth in the new HiPiHi version:)


With Paint as wallpaper


Are these three heads really friendly?


Let's go!

Nice view

Dawn or dusk?

Bad start...

...but I try again.

Blackout once more!

I don't like it...

Therefore my problem of invisibility is not resolved with this new version.

Nevertheless I decide to inspect the new package.

I have got two messages!

HiPiHi and Jopsy at the same time, what an honor:)

What is this window?
I do not remember...

There is a line appearing

A Group...?

Community with members?

Which friend to choose?

Add a new friend

a-bientot (see you soon for non French speakers)

List of friends

Already two, one of them is my alt;)

Friend's profile

Apparently male...

The Backpack

Many folders, but nothing inside:(

Personal settings

I will have to change this one...

That's all for today (actually tonight here).

Tomorrow I will show you what I look like.


I have seen my avatar, you wonder how...?

Keep in touch!

Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.
Judy Garland, to her daughter, Liza Minelli
US actress & singer (1922 - 1969)



Thanks to Suezanne who sent me this link I load the new version of HiPiHi.

I have a look at her blog and can see that she had some problems.

So I uninstall my previous version while the new one is still uploading.

I also run CCleaner to remove the scorias.

100%...uploading finished...

It's 21:03 CET, I prefer closing my session before installing the application, see you soon, I hope, with good news...

The world is my lobster.
Henry J. Tillman