Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ursuppe, spore, ...more WeGame videos

"Thesettler" won a prize for his or her video, in "the WeGame video Upload Game" : Spore GP 6.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Monsanto,...and Genetically modified (GMO) Black swans!

On this blog at march 19. 2008, Sofian Mannonen told us about the film "The world According to Monsanto" by Marie-Monique Robin.

The film was shown on norwegian television Nrk-2, prime time ...... tonight.

It may have impact!

Norway has not yet fully decided, how to handle import of GMO products. (GMO =Genetically modified organism).

There are scepticism in the population and among researchers, environmentalists and in various agricultural and health organizations..


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bitch Song Club, puppetshow for adults, ...lesbian avatars

A puppetshow for adults

First night friday 12.september 2008, at Oslo Nye-Teaterkjelleren.

At "Bitch Song club", we find really all kinds of women.

Five puppets humansized conveys their stories through song and dance. Here we meet the activist Hilde Hansen, the fotballplayer/supporter Becky Beer, the intellectual Caroline Krüller, the cabaretsinger Elke Sommer and the young newcomer Liss Haugen.

When there are used puppets, the women can bee caricatured,... without beeing "too" rude.

Read what the newspaper Aftenposten wrote abouth the play 08.09.08, ... and in the magazine Blikk.

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