Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cogs around the clock - My Second™ Blogger Party

I almost forgot the blogger day, it is tonight!

Hopefully I received three notifications in a row from Zoe during the afternoon, it was impossible to miss it.

The notecard says:

Feeling a little SL(tm)ow these days?
Or SL(tm)utty? Or hasSL(tm)ed?(hmm, what are all these tm between brackets for...I don't get it)

The March Second Life Blogger Party will be in the Clocktower of Edloe Island where everyone can spend a little time together to wait out the impending clarification on the new trademark rules coming out Monday.(and on Monday the buzz will buzz again...)

Sunday March 30, 2008
1:00PM - 4:00PM(if my calculations are correct it is from 10:00PM to 1:00AM here given that we changed to summer-time this morning)

Really bad 80's music courtesy of Crap Mariner of the What Is This Crap? weblog, which will be changing its URL mid-party as a result of the new rules.(????-They will have to explain this one...)

See ya there!
Crap Mariner
idiot-In-Chief of Edloe and Nowhereville Islands(so we will be two, welcome to the club!)

The Clocktower of Edloe Island

PS: If you haven't gotten one already, be sure to ask for one of Kit's Floaty TM Symbol sets.(I have got mine, no worry;)

As I am ahead from schedule, arriving at 8:PM my time, I have a little rest among the cogs.

Now people are coming, Crap is the first and I also can see GoSpeed Racer and Nika Dreamscape, so I publish the post and focus on the party from now.

Between the wish and the thing life lies waiting.

Continuation with some more people.

Now that I am duly registered and marked...

...and so is Arm, even flying and considering people from the ceiling...

...somewhat amazed by Crap's capabilities to behave as a fly...

...people is arriving little by little.

Now we are warned, the tower is hungry...

At last Zoe has arrived and is referring to a beard whose owner I do not know.

Maybe the dragon is actually the real danger of the tower, nobody is dancing close to it, it is a hint.

Finally I detach my shoes from the cog and come on the dance floor.

You can admire Crap's swaying stance.

Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers, and some people sway back and forth. I just sorta do 'em all together, I guess.
Elvis Presley
US rock singer (1935 - 1977)

From Words to Dante's Hell, a little bit of hot literature.

It's always good to have a walk through the blogs of quality where you know you will find nice information for your future trips.

This afternoon I was wandering on the French side and bumped into Ysé lastest post about words (Les mots)

I couldn't help teleporting my alt to the location that Ysé indicated and Ono took some snapshots of the place.

For those who are interested in swimming among words, it's totally Prodigiosus!

At the same time an intriguing post from Daneel, Dante's Inferno, lead Ono to Hell...

Here her first experience with hot temperatures:

Second Life, c'est l'enfer!

Even in Hell you can meet elves.

Dorie Bernstein
With Dorie Ono tried to figure out what this place was made of...

Some minutes later Bladewolf Aichi and Asdrubal Papp joined them.

The discussion was about Dreams (I love daydreaming)

Dorie Bernstein: well, look for us in place to learn building and such
Dorie Bernstein: tutorials available, classes, the like
Dorie Bernstein: Dreams is the name of the island
Dorie Bernstein: I'm part of the group that runs the islands
You: ok I will have a look and post something in my blog
Dorie Bernstein: I've been with Dreams over two years
Dorie Bernstein: we're getting geared up for the annual community fair
Dorie Bernstein: so you'll see extra activities starting soon
You: great!
Dorie Bernstein: there's a large calendar of events near where that landmark lands you
Dorie Bernstein: and a book of places to see too, which would help on your adventures
You: thank you, I think it will be some material for me;)
Dorie Bernstein: you're welcome :-)
Bladewolf Aichi: you are one of the member of dreams dorie?
Dorie Bernstein: yes, Blade :-)
Dorie Bernstein: I'm also on the advisory council, janitor/security staff, etc etc
Bladewolf Aichi: i read that's its a nice group
Dorie Bernstein: that's what happens when you stick around too long ;-)
Bladewolf Aichi: the founders of it have a nice objectives
Dorie Bernstein: it's awesome...been with them at least 2 years, I think
You: I am the only one not knowing Dream:(
Dorie Bernstein nods
Dorie Bernstein: well, I've been spreading the word :-P
Dorie Bernstein: we support two subgroups
Dorie Bernstein: one for stroke survivors
Dorie Bernstein: the other for autistics
Bladewolf Aichi: i would like to join the group but i think you need to stay in the sandbox for at least 2 weeks?
Dorie Bernstein: The Sojourner is the group founder/leader
Bladewolf Aichi: yes, i've already talked with Soj
Dorie Bernstein: you need to hang out in the sim a couple weeks, usually
Dorie Bernstein: but not exclusively...we do let people go elsewhere on the grid ;-)
Dorie Bernstein: the community fair is starting soon, so more opportunities to hang out and be involved

Then Ono teleported to Dreams and found the events board.

To be continued...

It has never been my object to record my dreams, just to realize them.
Man Ray, O Magazine, September 2002

Entrepreneurs réels et virtuels

Un des derniers articles de PO Carles m’a bien fait (sou) rire : Comment se faire envoyer promener par un investisseur...

Cela m’a amenée à une réflexion sur la nature de l’entreprenariat.

En fait, en y réfléchissant bien, on peut cataloguer les entrepreneurs en deux catégories si l’on veut rester dans la simplicité sans trop se fatiguer (c’est plutôt dans l’air du temps de ne pas chercher à approfondir les choses, alors je m’y mets moi aussi…)

Il y a d’un côté les entrepreneurs utiles à la société et d’un autre côté il y a … les autres !

Ceux qui sont utiles à la société peuvent être considérés comme ceux qui permettent aux humains de base que nous sommes de satisfaire les besoins élémentaires situés plutôt dans la partie basse de la pyramide de Maslow.

Ce seront donc les agriculteurs, les boulangers, les fabricants de meubles, les sociétés d’assainissement des eaux, les banquiers (pourquoi pas…) ou les assureurs (admettons…) entre autres.

Cette liste est très loin d’être exhaustive et je vous laisse le soin de la compléter en usant de votre cervelle et d’analogies (ces deux éléments n’étant pas incompatibles et pouvant parfaitement cohabiter)

Plus haut dans la pyramide on trouve les entrepreneurs qui vous vendront essentiellement du vent, soi-disant pour vous permettre de vous «accomplir» ou de trouver l’âme sœur ou tout simplement de perdre votre temps en activités que vous auriez pu consacrer à des choses beaucoup plus intéressantes et pour lesquelles vous n’aviez pas besoin d’un «entrepreneur» pour vous aider.

Dans cette catégorie vous trouverez des «entrepreneurs» vous vendant des produits tels que Facebook, Twitter ou Seesmic.

La caractéristique indéniable de ces «produits» est que si, du jour au lendemain, ils n’étaient plus disponibles ou disparaissaient comme par magie, non seulement la terre ne s’arrêterait pas de tourner, mais surtout vous seriez libérés de ces «fils à la patte» et pourriez vous adonner à des loisirs plus constructifs.

Comme par exemple jouer à Second Life.

Tous les hommes utiles doivent être en rapport les uns avec les autres, de même que l'entrepreneur se réfère à l'architecte et celui-ci au maçon et au charpentier.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This is reminding me something of my own experience...

More fun at Happy Slip Production where my French fellow citizens will be able to learn some good English.

Better the foot slip than the tongue.
French Proverb

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Statistics for March

My statistics for the month of March, only for my personal use, but you are allowed to cast a glance.



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Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable.
Mark Twain
US humorist, novelist, short story author, & wit (1835 - 1910)