Monday, December 3, 2007

To sail, fly and float

It do inspire me to meet funny and creative avatars.

I contructed a windsurfer. I hope to bee able to stand up on the board one day. Maybee stretch my arms forward. I hope to find a script, that allow me to sail with the arrow-Keys.

To sail, fly and float is fascinating. I meet a little woman with her horse. She is an advanced builder.
Snapshots: Arm Strom

Raise your sail one foot and you get ten feet of wind.
Chinese Proverb




I went to Bali Indonesia in SL.

There is not only politician and environmentalists discussing Climathe change these days.

UN Climate Change Conference 3.-14. December 2007

Snapshot: Arm Strom

What men call gallantry and gods adultery Is much more common where the climate's sultry.
Lord Byron
English poet & satirist (1788 - 1824)

SL make me feel like an Explorer and a Constructor

I wanted to become the seeker, the aroused and passionate explorer, and it was better going at it knowing nothing at all, always choosing the unmarked bottle, always choosing your own unproven method, armed with nothing but faith and a belief in astonishment.

Pat Conroy, "The Lords of Discipline"
US novelist (1945 - )

Rice for Daneel

Just for fun but also to do a good deed, try

Now for Daneel, ok I tried Netvibes and opened OPML


When there are more than three lines of technical words I feel like a child who would have lost her mommy.

I warn you Daneel, if you think that you can explain me what this stuff is, you will have to be very, very, very patient with me.

Maybe we can postpone the lesson for another day...?

Just because I have rice on my clothes doesn't mean I've been to a wedding. A chinese man threw up on me.
Phyllis Diller

Everyday I learn something

That's it!

Now I understand how RSS and Atom are working.

It took time, but that's it!

To tell the truth I never really investigated the matter as Information Technology is to me like a dragon I would have to either try and eliminate or run away.

Most of the time I run away.

Because I am lazy and struggling with a computer is not my favourite hobby.

But today I decided to be braver than usual and I had a look at some links that Mr Google gave me with its user-friendly resource.

I chose this one downloaded Feedreader 3.11.

I have no idea if it is the best, the worse or an average reader, but apparently it gives me what I want and is very easy to use.

Furthermore it is free, what is adding a little bonus;)

Now I expect Daneel to read this post without me sendind him the link, let's see if I am wrong...

Daneel don't deceive me, I am waiting for some compliments.

Unprovided with original learning, unformed in the habits of thinking, unskilled in the arts of composition, I resolved to write a book.
Edward Gibbon
English historian of Rome (1737 - 1794)