Sunday, November 25, 2007

A stroll with Arm

Yesterday night my friend Arm invited me to visit Isla Montevideo

meeting Arm

Misty atmosphere in this exiguous club, not the haze, the weak light bulb.

Posters on the wall

Not really the best place to watch TV.

But we are not here to watch TV.

The bar is closed

I am not here to drink.

But I am drinking a bottle of mineral water.

In RL.

We fly to another part of the island.

Maps exhibition

The real world seems to be miniaturized here.

Real world on vertical walls.

And I thought that the Earth was a globe...

Two big eyes?

Who is watching what, what is watching who?

We are observed.

Big Brother?

A female Hobbit

Tolkien is not far away.

I am still waiting for my ring, my Lord.

Arm looking at my place

Yes, Toulouse is this way.

Between Morocco and Finland.

I am thoughtful

Obviously Arm has good glasses.

A jail?

Bars are separating maps.

Maps are held in cells.

Wooden bench

Not really comfy.

But do we really care?

The stars are twinkling over our heads.

After the maps, another exhibition with less pleasant pictures.

But this is reality, we don't have to forget it.

Red flag

The communist party of Uruguay?


And not far from the communism, the blue world of subjectivism at

Soaring girls

That's really trippy guys.

Looking at the stars



With the music of course, but you can't hear from where you are now;)

A little bit farther, flying with our arms, we arrive during last World War II.

Landing field

We would like to use these machines, but is it funnier than flying with our keyboard?

Keyboard is more powerful than rusted planes.

A stroke of the finger on the Up-page key, and here we are.

Furries on their lot

Lying down on a couch whose owners are temporarily renouncing to use.

They keep rooted aside, saying nothing, but I am sure they can hear us.

And suddenly they disappear, letting Arm and me alone.


Furries' home

We can visit their dwelling-place.

Well, better be a fly if you want to sit on their chair.

I am becoming tired...

It is late, eyelids are heavier.

Time to go to bed.

My real bed, I don't know if I will be able to stay on it, it is horizontal.

A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.
Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher )

But Frédéric didn't know Second Life.

Really me?

Many thanks Arm.

You are great.


No Hipihi tonight?

This afternoon I tried desperately to enter into the vitual world of Second Life's Chinese competitor Hipihi.

The only concrete result I could obtain is this screen.

Hipihi portal

When I wanted to use this link that I found on a SL blog
nothing happened, my page loaded and loaded during a never-ceasing time.

I also tried this one

but the same result, that is...nothing:(

The same with

Just for the fun I entered my name and my SL password on the Chinese screen, it didn't appreciate my attempt!

At last I succeeded loading some nice songs from Suzanne Vega:-D that my afternoon were not completely wasted.

I wonder if Suzanne has an SL avatar with a Chinese appearance.

A witty saying proves nothing.
Voltaire, French author, humanist, rationalist, & satirist )