Sunday, November 25, 2007

No Hipihi tonight?

This afternoon I tried desperately to enter into the vitual world of Second Life's Chinese competitor Hipihi.

The only concrete result I could obtain is this screen.

Hipihi portal

When I wanted to use this link that I found on a SL blog
nothing happened, my page loaded and loaded during a never-ceasing time.

I also tried this one

but the same result, that is...nothing:(

The same with

Just for the fun I entered my name and my SL password on the Chinese screen, it didn't appreciate my attempt!

At last I succeeded loading some nice songs from Suzanne Vega:-D that my afternoon were not completely wasted.

I wonder if Suzanne has an SL avatar with a Chinese appearance.

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Daneel Ariantho said...

Everything is OK for me with this URL.
Works very well ...
Perhaps you need to update your Java machine beacause the HiPiHi web site use java server page ka .jsp.

Sofian said...

Thanks Daneel for your feed back!
But I have two questions:
1-how did you know my blog? (I posted a comment on YOUR blog and I am amazed to see you found mine, I guess these words will reach you as you seem to be a web shaman!)
2-how can I update my machine with Java or Sumatra? I am really an eternal noob as far as Internet is concerned...
By the way is Java an Island in Second Life...?

Anonymous said...

Many thanks sofian for this page;-) I've not being around for a long time, the island desappeared, Laura Gagliano too, but I'm still here. And maybe soon with another avatar to make more exhibitions;-)

Laura Gagliano. / Paty giancotti