Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ran House's interior decorating by Arm Strøm

[2008/03/22 14:21] Arm Strøm: (Saved Sat Mar 22 15:10:24 2008) Hi Sofian. How are you? I have to tell you abouth my buildingproject. I have been decorating the 1. floor in the Camimo "Ran house". Take a look if you like. You find a tp under picks in my profile. See you, take care.

So I head to Kamimo Island.

Yeah! The house is exactly like in the photo in Arm's profile.

She will have to tell me what does "Ran" mean...maybe a Norwegian word?

Before entering the house I find a bench and take a little rest.

I can change the color of the light; I choose the green to tone down the blue of the sky and the sea.

Inside the house, first thing: I treat myself to a cat nap.

When I am pepped up I can admire the sardine on the wall.

I like vast spaces where you can breathe...

...and think peacefully.

When I want to leave I try the sailboat, but there is no wind...

...therefore I decide to take a motorboat.

Just a little problem...

...a very little one...

...never ever let me use your boat, now you are warned.

Housework is what a woman does that nobody notices unless she hasn't done it.
Evan Esar
American Humorist (1899 - 1995)

Some shopping in Second Life for my comeback

Almost 10 days without going in-world, and when I come back, after sorting all my plentiful items that stored up during my leave, the first thing I do!

Actually in my new items I found a landmark leading to Iwo Jima, but I don't know where it did come from and who could have given it to me; it is a place where you can buy a lot of free or very low-priced stuff.

During my login I could see that people in Second Life was more that 58,000 avatars'heads and when I arrive at the shop it is pretty crowded, so the lag is huge and my walk is "heavy".

With some difficulties I try to control my camera and look at the displays.

I like the pirate style, maybe my "wild" side, and if you see me with this outfit you will know where I got it.

I also bought some shoes, my old ones were time-worn and I really needed to replace them.

Too many aisles, too many storefronts, too many choice, too many lag...

I finally decided to go and see Arm's creations.

To be continued next post...

When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping. Man invade another country. It's a whole different way of thinking.
Elayne Boolser

Fouad Moulay Rachid Murtada finalmente puesto en libertad por el visionario Mohammed VI

(In English)

(En français)

Fouad Murtada, el joven marroquí ingeniero que pretendía ser, en Facebook, el Señor Moulay Rachid,el hermano del Señor Mohammed Seis, al fin fue puesto en libertad después de haber sido condenado por la justicia de su país a 3 años de prisión.

El rey ha mostrado indulgencia, condescendiendo a perdonarle después de haber permitido a los jueces a hacer burla de su país en el escenario internacional.

Como el ridículo no mata, como se dice, déjame desear una larga vida a Su Majestad el Comendador de los internautas marroquíes y a su hermano, ambos hijos de su padre, el muy añorado Hassan Dos.

Mientras tanto ¿fue Mohamed Bougrine liberado?

No he visto nada en el momento, tal vez debería él tomar la identidad de su amado soberano en Second Life a fin de beneficiarse de su generosa gracia...

La Ley ha sido dada para que se implore la gracia; la gracia ha sido dada para que se observe la ley.
San Agustín (354-439) Obispo y filósofo.

Fouad Moulay Rachid Murtada finally released by the visionary Mohammed VI

(En Castellano)

(En français)

Fouad Murtada, the young Moroccan engineer who pretended, on Facebook, to be Mr Moulay Rachid, Mr Mohammed Six's brother, was at last released after having been condemned by the justice of his country to 3 years' imprisonment.

The king has shown leniency, condescending to pardon him after having allowed judges to ridicule his country on the international scene.

As ridiculous does not kill, as is said, let me wish a long life to His Majesty the Commander of Internet Moroccans and his brother, both sons of their father, the very missed Hassan Two.

Meanwhile, was Mohamed Bougrine released?

I have not seen anything at the moment, perhaps he should take the identity of his beloved sovereign in Second Life so as to qualify for its generous grace...

Grace under Pressure.
Ernest Hemingway
US author & journalist (1899 - 1961)

Fouad Moulay Rachid Mourtada enfin libéré par Mohammed VI le visionnaire

(In English)

(En Castellano)

Fouad Mourtada, ce jeune ingénieur marocain qui s’était fait passer sur Facebook pour monsieur Moulay Rachid, le frère de monsieur Mohammed Six, a quand même été libéré après avoir été condamné par la justice de son pays à 3 ans d’emprisonnement.

Le roi a donc fait preuve de clémence en condescendant à le gracier après avoir laissé les juges ridiculiser son pays sur la scène internationale.

Comme le ridicule ne tue pas, à ce qu’on dit, laissez-moi souhaiter longue vie à Sa Majesté le Commandeurs des Internautes Marocains ainsi qu’à son frère, tous deux fils de leur père, le très regretté Hassan Deux.

En attendant, a-t’on libéré Mohamed Bougrine?

Je n’ai rien vu pour l’instant, peut-être devrait-il prendre l’identité de son cher souverain dans Second Life afin de pouvoir bénéficier de sa généreuse grâce...

Je préfère accorder de bonne grâce ce que je ne pourrais pas empêcher.
André Gide
Extrait de Les faux-monnayeurs

And now the last one for today: my Flavor Gum

Everything in excess! To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks.
Excerpt from the notebooks of Lazarus Long, from Robert Heinlein's "Time Enough for Love"

Listen to my shamrock

I have good judgment.

If only I believed it...

You can use all the quantitative data you can get, but you still have to distrust it and use your own intelligence and judgment.
Alvin Toffler

HiPiHi 50012sp1, no, thank you! - 我非常感谢你,我目前没有兴趣hipihi

Two days ago I received a message from HiPiHi.

They still do not know that I cannot read Chinese...



重新运营后,旧的客户端将不再可用,请您立刻下载新的客户端。 下载点>>>



HiPiHi 团队

Is it so difficult to send English messages to foreigners...?

I started the upload of the file this night at 1:00am before going to bed, it said that it would need about 6 hours to finish and here is what I got this morning when looking at the upload manager...




No need to say that I cancelled the upload.

长征, sorry, The Long March is still the only way to reach the podium of the next Virtual Games.

Beware the ides of March.
William Shakespeare, "Julius Caesar", Act 1 scene 2
Greatest English dramatist & poet (1564 - 1616)