Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is this Sofian?

Sofian the SLiberator?

Rumours abound! Some say the Editor in Chief of Second Life at Hand has been kidnapped and a huge Linden dollar ransom is being demanded. Others have heard that she has retreated to become a Buddhist nun. Yet others suggest that she has become addicted to camping and is snoozing in a shopping mall.

The most recent suggestion is that she was following a hot lead as part of her research into griefers. Her usually very tidy office desk was found covered with a pile of blog posts which all made references to griefers. Amongst these was a page of scrawled hand writing with a slurl so badly smudged it was unreadable. This same page had the words 'griefers? griefers? griefers?' written all over it.

The theory here at SLaH is that Sofian followed this lead and has somehow met up with the SLiberation Brigade. We believe she has joined them and is now fighting SLinjustice, avatar imposters and grief to make Second Life a better place for all.

The photo above was taken by an anonymous source using disabled camera constraints at an unnamed location. Close examination of the original photograph makes us 27% certain that this is indeed ‘Sofian the Sliberator’.