Sunday, September 20, 2009

SLon des Refusés, Brooklyn is watching. Mab MacMoragh, her Soup blogg and Flickr links ... Second life

Second life and real life snapshot: Arm Strom

There has been a pleasure participating at Brooklyn is watching, and at "the SLon des Refusés" this summer. I have to admit that it has been an overwhelming experience too.

I did meet this heavy loaded vehicle in real life last week (picture above). Place and date: Råde, Norway Sept.10. I got inspired to sort my memory and inventory.

SLon des Refusés: organized by digital curator MonCherrie Afterthought with Dekka Raymaker, Arahan Claveau, and Mab MacMoragh.  We were invited to the sim Magoo.

Mab MacMoraghs pictures at Flickr:   Mab MacMoragh Art links

Slon party Aug.8 / Tuna Oddfellow's spectacular show

... and MacMoraghs "Soup" blogg.  

Thank you.

Arm Strom