Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Abbotts aerodrome

Firstly, translation of the French word dirigeable with WordReference.

The photo is not really representing what I will be!

I was welcomed in Abbotts by a very nice person, born in Second Life in 2002!

Millie Thompson

[2008/02/05 13:19] You: hello
[2008/02/05 13:19] Millie Thompson: Hello.
[2008/02/05 13:19] You: do you know where I can buy a plane?
[2008/02/05 13:19] Millie Thompson: Sure, down on the runway here to the south you can find various aircraft for sale.
[2008/02/05 13:20] You: this way?
[2008/02/05 13:20] Millie Thompson: Yes.
[2008/02/05 13:20] You: thank you
[2008/02/05 13:20] Millie Thompson: Go out the door then fly down to the runway.
[2008/02/05 13:20] IM: Suke Heron: Trying to put script in my plane...
[2008/02/05 13:20] You: I am lost, I can't see the walls and the floor of this place
[2008/02/05 13:20] Millie Thompson: You can demo aircraft before you purchase them.
[2008/02/05 13:21] IM: Suke Heron: If I don't we will have a large ornament in the living room
[2008/02/05 13:21] You: it is rezzing very slowly
[2008/02/05 13:21] Elevator - 20070408: Going to Level 2
[2008/02/05 13:21] Millie Thompson: What kind of connection do you have?
[2008/02/05 13:21] You: a very slow, 512k
[2008/02/05 13:21] You: maybe it's too slow to fly a plane...
[2008/02/05 13:22] Millie Thompson: Have you checked your bandwith settings in the preferences networking tab?
[2008/02/05 13:22] You: I think so, I will check it again
[2008/02/05 13:22] Millie Thompson: Chances are you'll need to play around with that.
[2008/02/05 13:22] You: I put it at 500
[2008/02/05 13:23] You: I see you in the air
[2008/02/05 13:23] Millie Thompson: You can also lower your draw distance as well.
[2008/02/05 13:24] You: ah yes
[2008/02/05 13:24] Millie Thompson: Often recomended for lower capacity connections.
[2008/02/05 13:24] You: it was too big
[2008/02/05 13:24] You: I put it at 64
[2008/02/05 13:24] You: it's better
[2008/02/05 13:24] Millie Thompson: ok.
[2008/02/05 13:25] You: but I increased it when I flyed a plane yesterday
[2008/02/05 13:25] You: because I didn't see the objects coming to me!
[2008/02/05 13:26] You: but I think it was a bad idea
[2008/02/05 13:26] Millie Thompson: Best place to fly would be in the vehicle sims. Fewer objects to suddenly greet you the... fun way.
[2008/02/05 13:26] You: where is it?
[2008/02/05 13:27] Millie Thompson: They're to the northwest of here..
[2008/02/05 13:27] Millie Thompson: Balance, Bethel, Brilliant, Fame, Fortuna, and Georgean are their names.
[2008/02/05 13:27] You: ok I can see them
[2008/02/05 13:27] Millie Thompson: Six simulators setup specifically for vehicles.
[2008/02/05 13:28] You: there seems to be few people there
[2008/02/05 13:28] You decline GLBT~I want to be your president! from A group member named BarceDona Oh.
[2008/02/05 13:28] You: nice:)
[2008/02/05 13:28] Millie Thompson: Yep, I often pop over there to play with vehicles.
[2008/02/05 13:28] You: You are not so SL child;)
[2008/02/05 13:28] Millie Thompson: :p
[2008/02/05 13:29] You: 2002, you are pretty old
[2008/02/05 13:29] You: a granma I would say
[2008/02/05 13:29] Millie Thompson: Yeah, I too part in Second Life's closed beta.
[2008/02/05 13:29] You: lol
[2008/02/05 13:29] You: thank you very much for your help
[2008/02/05 13:29] Millie Thompson: Got in primarily because of my internet connection, had 28.8 baud dial-up back then. ^^'
[2008/02/05 13:30] You: at this time it was common
[2008/02/05 13:30] Millie Thompson: Yep, was interesting back then.
[2008/02/05 13:30] You: I guess there were less objects to bump into
[2008/02/05 13:31] Millie Thompson: Yes.
[2008/02/05 13:31] Millie Thompson: For a wile Few of us knew how to build stuff.
[2008/02/05 13:32] You: don't mind I take some photos?
[2008/02/05 13:33] You: thank you very much again Millie
[2008/02/05 13:33] Millie Thompson: You're welcome! Take care and have fun! :)
[2008/02/05 13:33] You: I will try
[2008/02/05 13:33] You: :)

Nose in the ground
End of the story

To be continued...of course!

To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle.
George Orwell
English essayist, novelist, & satirist (1903 - 1950)

Zoe Connolly, where are you?

Yesterday (or was it the day before?) I went to Penzance airfield with the hope to see Zoe.

She was not here, but I met some of her friends.

GrahamRoss McCulloughMust be Scottish...

Mishi Rossini with GrahamRossBoth working on a new plane

Mishi said he had problems with the cockpit, I would say he should first worry about the wings, but it is only my humble piece of advise.

As I didn't want to be in their way, I decided to practise a little with the free plane J8ke Hawker gave me, a Hawker Demon Mk.1

It reminds me my Daemon bird.


Or -o- I should say now.

Air Sofian Caledon

As empty vessels make the loudest sound, so they that have least with are the greatest babblers.
Greek author & philosopher in Athens (427 BC - 347 BC)

Viol de Nuit d'une Demoiselle à Abbotts

Et avec l'aimable (et involontaire) participation de tintinpassion!

A la chandelle, la chèvre semble demoiselle.
[Gabriel Meurier

Players vs. Residents in Second Life

(English version)

Il semble y avoir dans Second Life une guéguerre entre deux catégories Slifiennes.
D’un côté ceux qui ne cherchent qu’à s’amuser, appelons-les les joueurs, et de l’autre côté ceux qui prennent leur seconde vie vraiment au sérieux, les résidents comme ils se nomment eux-mêmes.
Les joueurs se considèrent comme des clients, ils en veulent pour leur argent et ne pardonnent pas à Linden Lab les défauts techniques (tel que le lag) qui les empêchent de s’éclater comme ils le feraient sur leur console Sony (je n’en pratique qu’une, je lui fais donc de la publicité)
Les résidents se considèrent comme… des résidents, et ils reprochent à Linden Lab de ne pas se comporter en Gouverneur du Royaume de Second Life.
Les joueurs ne vivent que de fun, aiment l’anarchie et leur liberté de mouvements, sont souvent des griefers ou bien pardonnent aux griefers du moment qu’ils ne les embêtent pas trop, ne sont pas liés à Second Life et peuvent zapper sur WoW ou Eve Online avec la facilité du jeune âge qui est essentiellement le leur.
Les résidents veulent des lois pour régir leur communauté (certains parlent même de shérifs pour faire respecter l’ordre autour de leur SIM chèrement acquis), ils sont impliqués dans leur (seconde) vie sociale et se font des amis (parfois des ennemis) de leur âge (avancé) pour la vie !
Pour les joueurs les amis sont souvent des moyens qui leur permettent d’atteindre leur but, alors que pour les résidents les amis (les ennemis dans le cas de Prokofy Neva) sont leur but et ils emploient tous les moyens imaginables pour en ajouter toujours plus à leur liste.
Chaque camp reste sur ses positions et ne se parle que par anathèmes et noms d’oiseaux.
Cette petite guerre est bien sympathique, elle donne du piment à notre metaverse, et de plus elle est bien moins meurtrière que les conflits que nous subissons dans notre monde du dessous.

La guerre, c'est la guerre des hommes ; la paix, c'est la guerre des idées.
(Victor Hugo )
Extrait des Fragments


English version
There seems to be in Second Life a squabble between two Slifian categories.
On the one hand those who seek only to have fun, let’s call them the players, and on the other hand those who take their second life very seriously indeed, the residents as they call themselves.
Players regard themselves as customers, they want value for their money and do not forgive Linden Lab technical defects (such as lag) that hinder the fun they can easily have on their Sony (I only practice one, hence I promote it)
Residents consider themselves… residents, and they blame Linden Lab not to behave as Governor of the Kingdom of Second Life.
The players live only for fun, enjoy anarchy and their freedom of movement, are often griefers or forgive the griefers as long as they do not grief them too much, are not tied to Second Life, and can switch to WoW or Eve Online with the easiness of their young age.
Residents want laws to govern their communities (some even speak of sheriffs to enforce the order around their hard-won SIMs), they are involved in their (second) social life, and make friends (sometimes enemies) of their (advanced) age for life!
For players friends are often ways that allow them to achieve their goal, whereas for residents, friends (enemies in the case of Prokofy Neva) are their goal and they employ every imaginable means to add more and more to their list.
Each camp keeps its stance on the matter and speaks to each other only with taunts and anathemas.
This small war is very nice, it adds spice to our metaverse, and moreover it is much less murderous than conflicts that we have in our downstairs world.

Go not for every grief to the physician, nor for every quarrel to the lawyer, nor for every thirst to the pot.
George Herbert
English clergyman & metaphysical poet (1593 - 1633)


USA - Alerte météo / Bad weather conditions in the USA

Weather forecast for tonight: dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.
George Carlin
US comedian and actor (1937 - )