Friday, December 7, 2007

TLG celebration

Already one month.

The Looking Glass was born one month ago, one month!

It is worth a celebration, and a musical one with the singer Sojurn Rossini (It is written on the invitation card)

Sojurn Who?
Sojurn Rossini, I have no idea who is this guy, one good reason to go to the party.

The roof of TLG

When I arrive, at around 10:30 my time, there are few people on the roof of The Looking Glass Head Quarter

I hide my aviself behind some vegetation (I am shy and I know nobody here) and wait for the party to begin at 2PM SLT sharp.

Sojurn's back
The singer is rehearsing his chords, at least I think it is what he is doing, I am not a music specialist.

What is his name, let me think again...

Sojurn's face
Ah yes! Sojurn Rossini.

Like the Tournedos Rossini, I should remember now the last name, and as for the first name it is more difficult, I have to think about it deeper, another time.

Nice songs indeed, too bad that I don't understand enough English, it's my problem, my ears are not used to this peculiar language.

But I like the music:)

The place is now pretty crowded.

All the readers of TLG are dancing on the roof.

Bad joke, I know;)

Actually many are watching the show on their flat screen television because they couldn't come due to the (damn'd) lag.

More seriously, the roof is glass-made, so that people can look through the floor (do you follow me...?) and therefore it cannot bear too many people without shattering.

The transparency has sometimes an advantage, so I could see my friend Sammi who was sitting on an armchair at the first floor.

I sent her this pick and said hello!

She was invited by a friend and didn't know TLG before, now it's OK:)

It was late and I had to leave, but I saw among the swarm my friend Caissa.

Oh my God! she looked like saying...

Normal, she is a goddess.

The goddess of Chess.

Who first, O muse, began the bold attack;
The white refulgent, or the mournful black?

(written in the year 1763, by Sir William Jones)