Monday, February 22, 2010

Machinima/filmfestival MMIF-2010. In Second Life and at the "Planet Art" in Amsterdam

The MaMachinima festival "MMIF 2010", is a celebration of "Machinima": a cinematic art form, created in virtual worlds and in videogames.

It was a global gathering of machinimathographers, with public screenings of machinimas in cyberspace and in the physical world, The Netherlands.

It was the second annual MMIF machinima filmfestival in 3D cyberspace / Second Life, and with screening in a "real" physical space. This time at the Artspace + Medialab "Planet Art" in Amsterdam.

More than 50 machinimas were shown.

The seven hour marathon could also be followed on the web, via livestream broadcasts.

There were more than 140 avatars gathered at the sims at the same time.

MMIF - MaMachinima International Festival photoes on Flickriver.

See also Chantal Harvey "MaMachinimas" channel on You-tube.

I saw the famous Madcow Cosmos actor LorinTone live. It was also a pleasure to meet panda 2nee Leon and Kat2Kit. ...And, i learned that "tinys" don't dance.

Arm Strom

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love, Robert Indiana, .. and King Kong. Machinima from Odyssey in Second Life

"Chimera" by Man Michinaga, at Odyssey in Second Life. 

"Love" Iconic popart by Robert Indiana. 
".. In this painting, four red letters affectionately touch, spelling out the word "love." This symmetrical, hard-edged composition belongs to a series that Indiana developed between 1964 and 1966 and that comprised Christmas cards, paintings, posters, sculptures, felt banners, eighteen-karat gold rings, silk tapestries, and album covers". The Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Music/sound: Mhyst

Machinima: Arm Strom.