Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fouad Moulay Rachid Murtada finally released by the visionary Mohammed VI

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Fouad Murtada, the young Moroccan engineer who pretended, on Facebook, to be Mr Moulay Rachid, Mr Mohammed Six's brother, was at last released after having been condemned by the justice of his country to 3 years' imprisonment.

The king has shown leniency, condescending to pardon him after having allowed judges to ridicule his country on the international scene.

As ridiculous does not kill, as is said, let me wish a long life to His Majesty the Commander of Internet Moroccans and his brother, both sons of their father, the very missed Hassan Two.

Meanwhile, was Mohamed Bougrine released?

I have not seen anything at the moment, perhaps he should take the identity of his beloved sovereign in Second Life so as to qualify for its generous grace...

Grace under Pressure.
Ernest Hemingway
US author & journalist (1899 - 1961)

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