Sunday, March 30, 2008

From Words to Dante's Hell, a little bit of hot literature.

It's always good to have a walk through the blogs of quality where you know you will find nice information for your future trips.

This afternoon I was wandering on the French side and bumped into Ysé lastest post about words (Les mots)

I couldn't help teleporting my alt to the location that Ysé indicated and Ono took some snapshots of the place.

For those who are interested in swimming among words, it's totally Prodigiosus!

At the same time an intriguing post from Daneel, Dante's Inferno, lead Ono to Hell...

Here her first experience with hot temperatures:

Second Life, c'est l'enfer!

Even in Hell you can meet elves.

Dorie Bernstein
With Dorie Ono tried to figure out what this place was made of...

Some minutes later Bladewolf Aichi and Asdrubal Papp joined them.

The discussion was about Dreams (I love daydreaming)

Dorie Bernstein: well, look for us in place to learn building and such
Dorie Bernstein: tutorials available, classes, the like
Dorie Bernstein: Dreams is the name of the island
Dorie Bernstein: I'm part of the group that runs the islands
You: ok I will have a look and post something in my blog
Dorie Bernstein: I've been with Dreams over two years
Dorie Bernstein: we're getting geared up for the annual community fair
Dorie Bernstein: so you'll see extra activities starting soon
You: great!
Dorie Bernstein: there's a large calendar of events near where that landmark lands you
Dorie Bernstein: and a book of places to see too, which would help on your adventures
You: thank you, I think it will be some material for me;)
Dorie Bernstein: you're welcome :-)
Bladewolf Aichi: you are one of the member of dreams dorie?
Dorie Bernstein: yes, Blade :-)
Dorie Bernstein: I'm also on the advisory council, janitor/security staff, etc etc
Bladewolf Aichi: i read that's its a nice group
Dorie Bernstein: that's what happens when you stick around too long ;-)
Bladewolf Aichi: the founders of it have a nice objectives
Dorie Bernstein: it's awesome...been with them at least 2 years, I think
You: I am the only one not knowing Dream:(
Dorie Bernstein nods
Dorie Bernstein: well, I've been spreading the word :-P
Dorie Bernstein: we support two subgroups
Dorie Bernstein: one for stroke survivors
Dorie Bernstein: the other for autistics
Bladewolf Aichi: i would like to join the group but i think you need to stay in the sandbox for at least 2 weeks?
Dorie Bernstein: The Sojourner is the group founder/leader
Bladewolf Aichi: yes, i've already talked with Soj
Dorie Bernstein: you need to hang out in the sim a couple weeks, usually
Dorie Bernstein: but not exclusively...we do let people go elsewhere on the grid ;-)
Dorie Bernstein: the community fair is starting soon, so more opportunities to hang out and be involved

Then Ono teleported to Dreams and found the events board.

To be continued...

It has never been my object to record my dreams, just to realize them.
Man Ray, O Magazine, September 2002

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