Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some statistics

After having played the class clown, here is some sober work, my first comparative statement!

Second Life with goggles
By country Number of answers 1st link mentioned
Google France 664,000 000 wikipedia
Google England 568,000 000 second life
Google Argentina 581,000 000 second life
Google Cuba 581,000 000 second life
Google Spain in Spanish 581,000 000 second life
Google Spain in Catalan 587,000 000 second life Spain
Google Spain in Galego 584,000 000 second life Spain
Google Spain in Euskara 584,000 000 second life Spain
Google Germany 601,000 000 second life
Google China 63,300 000 secure second life join
Google USA 572,000 000 second life

Ok, ok, it deserves some improvement, I reckon, but I would like to see you.

We can draw some conclusions now

  • French are mostly interested in knowing what Second Life is

  • English and Americans are not so different, they are separated by only 4M answers, maybe the same difference between Blair and Bush, what we call the B2B (it works with Brown too, but it won't with Clinton)

  • Argentina and Cuba have exactly the same result, the Che effect...?

  • Spain in Spanish gives the same first link as England and US, by the way it is the same for Argentina and Cuba with also the same number of answers

  • Spain in Catalan, Galego and Euskara gives as first link, is that the beginning of unification...

  • Chinese are mainly interested in joining Second Life, but safely, perhaps the Tiananmen effect here?

  • There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.
    Benjamin Disraeli, British politician (1804 - 1881)

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