Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Basic insight into Hipihi

Tonight I didn't yet receive my sesame, but I managed when I was at work to print and save with my professional computer some documentation about Hipihi.

3D Internet...

As Yahoo! was hidden by Google, I assume Second Life will be buried by Hipihi, at least the message is clear.

Chinese are funny guys.

The target seems clear...


...with friends:)


...the road is well designed

500,000 residents in March 2008.

Another world of ad?

I thought Second Life was the pioneer, I was wrong.

No sex so far:(

When you have your registration code (I am still waiting for mine) you can try to enter an unfamiliar world.

Let's go!

I hope you have your Chinese translator with you.

You open the door and...

Where am I...?

An ocean of uncertainty is opening its waves to welcome you.

After the first administrative requirements...

Custom, or customs?

...here you are with yourself.

What will be your

1st profile?

I guess weird, maybe freaky...

Will your appearance be

Male or Female?

I hope we can change in case of mistake!

If you want to socialize you have some


The one I will learn by heart is Embarrass.

Perhaps the second on the list will be Cry.

If you do not see anybody (China is a big country) you can always

build scenes

and wait for somebody to have a look at your showpiece.

If you are really persistent you will even be

destroying terrain

as you are used to do in Second Life.

And when at last your place becomes crowded you will

invite friends

but don't forget your translator!

With your love you will be in the mood for visiting the world and you will

search the map

and even...

...use the Mini-Map.

Where is the map?

Don't forget your goggles too.

Finally after many peregrinations you get

lost in translation....

on Tianammen Square.

It was a good walk-through.

Goodbye, see you soon folks!

When I get my registration code:(

A moment's insight is sometimes worth a lifetime's experience.
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., US jurist (1841 - 1935)


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