Saturday, November 17, 2007

Boda lesbiana en Second Life

Yesterday night, after having spent nice moments with Alysa, as she had to do some cooking in RL (I don't understand this compulsory need to eat, do we eat in SL...?) I went back home to tidy my stuff up in my inventory.

A little while later I felt tired of this exercise and decided to look at my friend list to see who was on line.

I noticed that my "old" friend Barcedona was in-world, it has been a long time since the last time we saw each other and I sent her an IM.

Sofian: Hola Barcedona

BarceDona: hola sofian q tal?

Sofian: muy bien y tu? hace mucho tiempo...

Sofian: tuve mucho trabajo en RL y tambien en SL con mi blog

BarceDona: ah yo tambien he estado liada, ahora estoy en la fiesta d una boda, quieres venir?

Sofian: una boda lesbiana?

BarceDona: jeje si

So I am invited to a lesbian wedding party in Butterfly., and here I am, welcomed by this wapa girl!

Well the lag on my computer is always doing me some tricks, she is wearing grey clothes, but her face is so nice, muakiss! as they say in Spain (at least I think it is like this they send kisses to their amigas)

The party has already started and girls are dancing in beautiful surroundings (we are in a box high in the sky but it's like we were in a nice blossoming valley)

I meet my second "old" friend ShaneLee who greets me with her words that always puzzle me:

ShaneLee: weee Sof

: xD

You: hola Shane!

ShaneLee: jeje que tal?

You: bien y tu?

ShaneLee: media afonica

ShaneLee: XD

You: jaja

Shane: ais

ShaneLee: XD

You: eres myopia ahora?

ShaneLee: que va siempre lo he sido

ShaneLee: lo ke pasa es que usaba lentillas

ShaneLee: XD

You: es la primera ves que te veo con lunetas

You: y cigarillo

ShaneLee: con Gafas si

ShaneLee: xD

Lane: bueno lo de fumar como carretera siempre

You: gafas si;)

ShaneLee: pero weno

ShaneLee: XD

Well, I obviously forgot that glasses were gafas in Spanish...

SL is good for me to pratise my languages.

Surprise! There is a Mistress with her slave

After my post about the slave auction in House Nishi I find it funny.

What we call coincidence.

Well away from the crowd I can catch the two newly wedded.

Of course I catch them remotely with the camera, I would never dare bother them at this moment...

It's not good drinking too much.

Here are the effects of some beverage I don't even know the name.

All the suspects are designated here.

They will be prosecuted.

Blimey! I am included in the bunch...

The three graces are dancing together.

Soon the two brides are joining us.

Shane looks like thinking of something...

Maybe about her future wedding?

Nice unison of Barcedona and the two brides.

Shane and I are apparently chatting with each other, but I don't remember, the effects of alcohol perhaps.

And the party runs-on during late in the night, Shane always lost in her thoughts, the effects of the joint maybe...

Hopefully Barcedona could send me later her picks she took from her computer.

I prefer this one (nice clothes, better than grey garments)

And this one.

She could be a model if she had time and wish.

Just an idea wapa;)

Barce, the most colorful avi-girl of the party!

There are three rings involved with marriage. The engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering.
Woody Allen, US movie actor, comedian, & director (1935-)

And, to cheer you up...

Love is a losing game.
Amy Whinehouse, English singer

But these are only quotations you know, nothing to do with reality.

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