Thursday, November 15, 2007

Inside the Maze of Eroticism

My friend Cindy is a great entrepreneur, always busy, she loves erecting amuzement resorts and shopping centers.

One day she told me she was creating a labyrinthe for lovers that would surprise more than a couple of bored men.

And you know how men can easily be bored...

And sometimes boring...

So after returning from my business trip in Switzerland, coming from this cold and rainy place conduced me to the idea of visiting a warmer space.

And here I am, gazing at the entrance of the Erotic Sculpture.

Approaching the threshold I can see some trace of moisture on the walls.

I am very well welcome and feel suddenly much better.

The door is narrow but the inner walls are soft and I can enter without difficulty.

Inside it is strange, many, many lips are kissing my feet.

A steamy breeze is exhaling from all these reddish mouths.

I am not alone...

As I do not want to disturb, I go to the next room.

I wanted a warm place, I am not deceived.

It is not warm, it is rather pretty hot here, and I feel drops of sweat running along my cheeks.

Balls are on the floor, maybe waiting for a kick?

Looks kinda stadium or football pitch.

Funny devices are scattered across the place.

I am curious and can't help trying one.

Not very comfortable indeed...

I guess the game is to catch the blue ball with the teeth, I will try another day.

Another appliance looks like a scanner.

Am I in a medical center?

Where is the doctor? I want a doctor!

At last something that takes me back to my childhood.

I always loved swings, they rock!

And I love rocking and rolling in the air.

I can even practise rings.

I didn't know I was so good at gymnastics.

I also play bowling on my knees.

There are no skittles, I assume that they have not yet arrived.

Perhaps a problem in the supply chain...?

I try to find more balls.

On all fours it's better to catch them.

Something is burning my ass.

This place is really hot and balls are stinging my hands.

I look back and I am startled, it is a wild fire that was cooking my butts.

Now I want the fireman, I don't think the doctor could help here.

Blue balls are lurking around me, I would like them to spit their water to freshen me up a little.

Again four-footed I keep on searching my blue balls.

The more I find, the greatest the score I guess.

The game can also be played in the air.

Levitation has always been a dream that comes now to reality.

Some pink balls are spread over the place to spice the match.

Now I am playing basket blue ball.

I can hear groaning every time the ball hits the floor.

Objets inanimés avez-vous donc une âme?

Tired of playing with these wailing balls I enter the next room.

How dreadful!

I see a mouse trotting on the floor!

A guttural scream escapes from my throat.

And now a spider creeping on the wall!

I can't bear these nasty bugs and I shriek with even greater intensity.

Well, when a mouse brushes my leg and a spider droops before my eyes, here is the result...

Finally I have called this place the screaming room.

But we can also find some tender moments with the invisible (wo?)man.

Sometimes I expect the ball to transform in something I could use in some way.

This pink ball is very tempting, but I am still waiting when I write these lines.

Next time I will come with my own balls, already transformed.

My lunch is still in my stomach, my belly is aching, I should drink an Aqua Seltzer.

When I exit the site to go to the drugstore, I can better see where I was.

It is a House of Worship.

There are columns and statues of Goddesses of Love.

Some nooks are difficult to describe.

You'd better come and see with your own eyes.

A sort of huge worm try to swallow me on my way out.


Second yuk-yuk in this blog, find the other one.

Before leaving definitely the place I admire the big streetlights hanging from the ceiling.

As it is daytime I cannot see them illuminating the lieu.

I recommend you this location where you can have some fun with your best friends.

The owner of the place is Chill3 Mills.

The creator of the decor and costumes is Talena Giha.

Good job Talena, one day I will have to pay you a visit at your shop in Digital Zion.

Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.
Buddha, Indian philosopher & religious leader (563 BC-483 BC)

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