Sunday, December 30, 2007

About SLProfiles

I was born in Second Life in May this year (I remind you we are still in 2007…) and I registered in SLProfiles only on December, 23rd following a discussion by mail I had with a friend (Daneel, how much I owe you!) about other tools allowing people to meet (Facebook-like)
7 days yet and my profile was read 127 times…
What scares me most is that I added 13 friends to this profile!
If I remove from these new friends Daneel (he was already) and Admin (I guess he is everybody’s friend) I get 11 actual new friends.
If I extrapolate in one year I will have
- 127/7x365=6,622 readers and
- 11/7x365=573 new friends
Whereas I can cope with the mere readers, after all they don’t harm me and anyway I don’t know who they are, as regards the friends it’s another matter that I must consider seriously.
A friendship is something we can’t only compute in a list just for the sake of record, so how will I be able to manage so many future friends…?
Actually instead of friend I would prefer using the term of potential friend, that is someone who read your profile, or whom you read the profile, and you do not see any major discrepancies between you and them so as to definitely refuse a first offer.
There is one funny thing, it is that my old friends in Second Life are not registered in SLProfiles and hence are not my friends there; I imagine when they read this post and register, they send me a friendship offer that would come for some of them six months after our first encounter in Second Life.
Another hilarious thinking that comes to my mind is that Daneel, who is in my top six in my SLProfiles friends, is someone I never met in Second Life; we only had interesting discussions about other worlds like HiPiHi or Novoking (though we do not talk Chinese at all) and above all he helped me a lot on technical matters (I am a hopeless and terrible eternal newbie at IT)
Ah yes we met once in Openlife, but is it really Second Life…? It’s rather Canada Dry, but maybe only French people will understand that…
By the way I would like to avoid Canada Dry friends, so don’t be surprised if you applied, I accepted and finally we never get along with each other, it will only be because I run out of time to explore my intangible worlds, dedicate some time to my physical family (you know, the one I can really pinch and they say ouch!), swot during my working time and chat with my real in-world friends.
If you want to be part of the latter, you will have to be very patient or…persuasive!

True friends are those who really know you but love you anyway.
Edna Buchanan


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