Sunday, December 23, 2007

My problems with Flickr...

I decided to show you what my problems are with Flickr with a simple example.
I want to import 56 picks (20.9Mo)
So I select all the 56 picks (confirmed by the message at the bottom of the screen)

send to Flickr


The result?
Only 48 picks are appearing in total disorder...
48 picks in disorder

Nevertheless I decide to create an album for these 48 picks.
creation of album

And now, what do I do...?
what else?
I wait for several minutes but nothing happens, I can't import my picks.
So I decide to erase all my picks (not easy, I had to try many times...) and make another test with only one pick (maybe there are too many picks...)

test with one pick

what else?

Same result, that is NOTHING!

If there is in the attendance someone who could tell me what is wrong, with me or with Flickr, I would be grateful forever.

An undefined problem has an infinite number of solutions.
Robert A. Humphrey


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