Saturday, December 22, 2007

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Muffie Lockjaw
2nd Life profile

Born 11/30/2007

I like to explore and learn new things. I love the SL world. Meeting new people is just an added bonus on here. So far everyone has been very helpful in SL. Ok, so if you like what you've read then talk to me! Let's hang out. Oh ya I only speak English only. .....I am a CAPRICORN! U.S.A. BABY!!

Katarina Katscher
2nd Life profile

Born 2/21/2007

**Zack Boyd!!!! **I am purrrdy neat*cough*I am a very honest person, Have my stupid moments, my intelligent moments, my funny moments and my mind in the gutter moments...I am a People person, Sometimes i act gangsta' or like a Super hero my alias is [SUPERKAT] so,all you evil doers better watch your arses cuz i wont let you watch mine. hahahaha ❤*ehem*❤▽

JJ Newman
2nd Life profile

Born 12/18/2006

...AFK's alot :)
...Roleplays: vamp, bigcat, Ifrit (FFX)
...Second Life Mentor
SL Family : Sisters Mareeece, Dallas, Truism
"partner" Michelle, u hold my <3 4ever.
*** U all take care now :)) ***

Ali Malinow
2nd Life profile

Born 7/29/2006

no profile:(

My random word quote (measure)

Dwell not upon thy weariness, thy strength shall be according to the measure of thy desire.
Arab Proverb


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