Friday, January 18, 2008

We game Ono and me

Today for the price of one you will have two from me.

I do not guarantee the quality of what I will offer you, you certainly will find more interesting elsewhere, but be understanding with me, I am only an amateur who do her best not to look too foolish to you guys (though sticks and stones...)

First I wanted to share with you what I discovered with a recent tip of the week from Torley Linden on how to run multiple viewers at the same time.

I made the test and to show you that it works (and if it works for me be sure that it will work for you) I recorded a movie with my sister-alt Ono.

I guess you will recognize who is who, even for those that do not know me, as our names are shown on the screen.

The movie was taken at Callahans Isle with WeGame.

You can watch a very good tutorial of WeGame that Torley (always Torley, what would we do without Torley!) posted on his blog.

I have warned you, quality is terrible!

I firstly tried to make the movie with Windlight, but obviously my computer is not powerful enough to support two SL sessions, even with one being a normal one, and I continuously crashed, above all when adding WeGame...

Furthermore I used the Web Recording that [ the best balance between quality and performance...] so you can imagine how my computer needs a good upgrade.

Contributions can be given at any moment, I accept L$.

The movies are the only business where you can go out front and applaud yourself.
Will Rogers
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