Friday, February 8, 2008

Daneel Ariantho's 2nd life

L'unique différence entre un fou et moi, c'est que moi je ne suis pas fou.
Salvador Dali
Extrait de Journal d'un génie adolescent

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Daneel Ariantho said...

In english on my blogHUD : 3.D web is ready : let's go to explore it ! And ... be crazy, have fun, code, draw. Explore this possibilities, there is so much to learn.

It was my "noob" state of mind when I started this blog more than one year ago, and have written this "about". Don't have really change of opinion ;o)
Don't have change the sentence, just add the Rosendale's one. You must be a little bit crazy to "loose time" to explore this early metaverse.