Monday, February 11, 2008

I am currently in my airship, stuck in a hillside and testing my first post with blogHUD:)

posted by Sofian Mannonen on Kilmarten using a blogHUD : [permalink]

As I cannot send pictures with BlogHUD, I have to add them in a second step, here they are:

This night I already made a first test but with a post on name.

The main interest of this tool is of course to be able to post an article from Second Life, that is in-world, directly to your own (external) blog.
The only problem is that you cannot send snapshots and have to add them in a second step, as I already said, and also you cannot use your usual template, therefore I also had to add my blockquotes manually to insert my quotation;)

And a big THANK YOU to Koz Farina who helped me to fix my first bugs (that I am the only one to have as usual...)
If debugging is the art of removing bugs, then programming must be the art of inserting them.
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Sofian said...

Just a precision about sending pictures from BlogHUD that I received from Koz Farina : "you can post pictures with bloghud. Now you are a Pro user. Simply email postcards to :) - On your main member page, you can set a flickr account to send to as well. Also, whether incoming postcards from you should get auto crossposted to your active blog."
I asked him if it was possible to send at the same time pictures AND text and he replied :"unfortunately for now, pictures can only have titles"

Anyway, if you write a blog this tool can be very useful and the price (900L$) is not so expensive.
And the koz, sorry, the hot line is nice and efficient (even if the documentation and the site would deserve some improvement)