Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Creamcrackers as buildingsmaterial in Second Life

The Clocktower of Edloe Island, the home of Crap Mariner. Mariner did invite to a "Bloggers party" on sunday 30.03.08.

Snapshots and text: Arm Strom

The tower has interesting interior, but i were intrigued by the "cracking" buildingmaterials.

Unreal(life) buildingmaterials is part of what makes Sl challenging and interesting!

This tower gave room for a great bloggers party, but it dont stands water nor dominant creamcracker lovers!

How to define "a dominant creamcracker lover"?

One definition: They do eat crackers with both hands, sip tea with a straw, do eyeflirtation and sending nice energy telepatically. They are most probably british,... maybe french.

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