Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mage, magus, sorcerer, warlock...?

My new sister is a ...

Actually in French it is easy, she is a "mage".

I don't know exactly how to name her in English as I found several translations: mage (in WoW Official Strategy Guide), magus (in Harraps's Compact Dictionnaire), sorcerer (in and warlock (I don't remember where I found this one)

Anyway Manomag is a human mage, whereas my other "alts" are rogue elf (Manonnen) and rogue undead forsaken (Nennonam)

Although my new character can have tremendous powers, she still has to wait for the tram to come.

I knew better means of teleportation, I will have to be patient before getting some special tricks.

No, no, a mage does not have horns that would grow in the open.

And at the end of the day even a mage can be tired and need some deserved rest.

Where are going all this people deserting Second Life?
I hope not in WoW, we are numerous enough.


San Mauvaise said...

We english use the french ward "mage" (as indeed we do for most of our vocabulary - albeit in a mangled form) :-)


Sofian said...

Thank you San for this interesting piece of information!

We French also mangle English words, actually mangling each other is maybe the funniest thing we found so far to replace war;)