Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brooklyn is watching in Second life, at the Boston CyberArts Festival april 24th - may 10th

"Virtual Reality Brings Interactive, Immersive Art to the 2009 Festival".

Visit Artropolis, and the online virtual reality environment Brooklyn is watching in Second life. 

"Boston Is Watching," Saturday, April 25th,  at the Boston Public Library. The event presents in-depth look at a kind of art that is simply not possible in real life. "Boston Is Watching" is a mixed reality presentation, highlighting artwork created in Second Life at Brooklyn is watching. 

The snapshot above is my contribution to the project "I,am Not Here". The snapshot was taken inside the installation of Juria Yoshikawa.  Photoes of Jurias project, are also shown in real life at CounterpArt Gallery in Lowell MA. 

Arm Strom

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Arm Strom said...

"Traversing Sweet Illusions.Boston Cyberarts' first Second Life exhibition!

"Artropolis", by Todd Tevlin: captivating island of artists who built their SL studios on top of ancient ruins.

"I'm Not Here", by Lance Shields: enhances your experience in Second Life through color, light, motion, audio and avatar animation.

"Hostile Space", by D.C Spensley: immersive monolith that literally drops reflexive objects on and around viewers.

"Land of Illusions", by Lily & Honglei: series of networked-performances and multimedia installations set in Chinese architecture.

"Traversal for Faneuil Hall", by John Fillwalk and Jesse Allison: live performance that allows avatars to really ring the Faneuil Hall bell tower in Boston.

“In the Sweet Bye & Bye”, by Philip Jones: fusion of traditional and avant garde art in a rich immersive memoir.

"Adventures of Filthy Fluno", by Jeffrey Lipsky: evolving collection of artworks inspired by the culture, people, and events in virtual worlds".