Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The North-South... Game. An interpretation of Merlino Mayo's art. Machinima Arm Strom

Machinima from The Cycle of Naturae art exhibition (March 28 and to the end of May 2011) by Merlino Mayo, and the Ultrasonne concert by Ultraviolet Alter. Place: MiC - Musei di Roma Capitale (The island of Rome's museums) in Second Life.

The exhibition was a large, complex and powerful experience. The artist focused a.o on the complexity of nature, and its elements.

In my limited selection of movie clips, I have chosen to focus on the element of water. For me, nature is also politics, including resources and geopolitics. The exhibition, in the virtual Rome museums, got me also to think about the important events, which is now underway in the Mediterranean region, and the severe drought in the Horn of Africa. And later unfortunately, the tragedy that has hit Oslo, and the youth on the island Utøya in Norway this summer.

Merlino Mayo's Blogpost. NATURAE Show by Merlino Mayo at MiC Musei in Comune di Roma (2nd Part) 11.th of july 2011.

Music: Naturae by Ultrasonne/Ultraviolet Alter.

Machinima: Arm Strom 2011.

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