Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nightmare in the cave of the naughty worms

On Wednesday night I have been trying to upload the images for two hours, nothing...grrrrr...

I am in Poland on business trip on Thursday and Friday, I will try again this weekend.

Blogger is painful now, but it seems that SL is not in better shape...

OK, I go to bed, nothing more to do now.


Now it's Saturday morning 00:19 AM, I have just arrived from my trip with more than three hours of delay because I missed the transfer in Munchen...

I want to see if I can upload my images, phew, it works!

I have finished to upload the 14 picks at 1:49AM.

Anne, I hope you enjoyed the text without the images, now try the images without the text and next time you blend the whole stuff.


Last night I had a dream.

Well, a dream...

After my adventures in the castle of Elven Valley with my friend San (another day I will tell you) I thought I was finished with the funny side of Second Life, but you know what, we can never be finished with the funny side of Second Life...

I directly jumped from the dark place where I was wandering around to the mouth (can we name that a mouth...?) of something that I would call a worm, but of course you are free to call it the name you fancy, a mollusk, a termite, a republican senator, whatever you want, anyway it was an inhospitable host who didn't send me any invitation to any party.

As I seemed to be content with my situation (maybe winces of pain are comprehended here as great satisfaction...) my introductory greeter sent me to a friend he had in this place.

Since I was still enjoying the moment with my harrowing attitude, I was handed over to another strange bug hanging down from the ceiling.

Another animal (did I say animal...?) put on my face sort of oxygen mask, I was perhaps dreaming in a plane that was crashing down to earth...

I think that one creature had mercy upon me and tried to feed me with its tentacle.


Not my cup of tea.

Another one attempted to do with me things that the moral virtue usually condemns.

But I must admit that for a brief second my discomfort was alleviated.

A (too) short while further I was aspirated in a kind of slimy spring that obviously wanted to show me its pleasant profoundness.

I also experimented the washing machine of the locality.

Some fresh water all over the face is really invigorating.

The oven was quite inadvisable and I didn't really appreciate the visit.

Hopefully, Alysa came to my rescue, like the cavalry, with her weird but efficient weapons.

The beasts were defeated and they disbanded.

Poor Alysa! She didn't know she had entered a den.

We both actually realized when we were outside.

And we finished the journey shooting the breeze in the mall of my friend Chill3, where you can live the same enthralling experience in the Breeding Lab.

Alysa: i'm going to kill you

You: lol

You: you don't like the mazes?

Alysa: noooooo

You: /kiss alysa

!MultiTool-Hello-v5 - Hug/kiss/goto/etc (right forearm): You have offered to kiss Alysa.

Alysa: i dont like confined spaces

!MultiTool-Hello-v5 - Hug/kiss/goto/etc (right forearm): Alysa has declined your kiss.

You: come here in my arms

You: /kiss alysa

!MultiTool-Hello-v5 - Hug/kiss/goto/etc (right forearm): You have offered to kiss Alysa.

Sofian gives Alysa a big kiss.

You: feel better?

Alysa: no

You: you don't like this kind of place?

You: are you still alive?

Alysa: no its weird

Alysa: lol

Alysa: sry checkin my food


That's all folks.

I see the dream and I see the nightmare, and I believe you can't have the dream without the nightmare.
Tori Amos, (American Singer)

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Alysa, the poet said...

Lmao!!! I love you sofi... my weird weapons.... LOL!