Friday, November 23, 2007

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At Stringfellows Gentlemans Club

Akashka Morgath
2nd Life profile

Born 11/21/2007

She awoke. "What the fuck just happened" she thought as she pulled herself to her feet. "Was that just a fucking dream?" she said out loud but there was no one to hear her. What happened to her Master? Was he dead or what? Akashka didnt know but she was in a strange place and not knowing anyone this was going to be hard to find out exactly what went on that night.......
((Roleplayer. If your interested in her storyline or want to get involved just IM me))

Contessa Esposito
2nd Life profile

Born 7/10/2006

It looks like I cannot get my other account back. So, Hi My new name is Contessa Esposito, call me Tess.
I used to be Angel Tokugawa, recognize the name? say Hi. Been here since 2005 and have seen a lot of changes to SL.
Respect me, and I will respect you.

Jaimee Benelli
2nd Life profile

Born 4/5/2007

Hmm whats there 2say about me?? im from london im half colombian half italian im down2 earth hates drama loves her friends read on..............or jog on ur choice bish!!!
If ur fortunate enuf 2b in my picks then lucky u!!! lol
Now a Naughty Neko Sexy Kitty =^.^= *purrs*
Im the Resident Reggaeton DJ at VooDoo Lounge
CEO - of *Stringfellows* Club & Mall
Owner & Designer of **Jai's** Creations.
Check my Picks & Classifieds for TP
I DJ, Design, Promote, n most of all HAVE FUN on SL!!

That which is static and repetitive is boring. That which is dynamic and random is confusing. In between lies art.
John A. Locke


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