Saturday, December 1, 2007

Another day in China

Today I uninstalled my Hipihi application and reinstalled it directly from the official site but my problem remains the same: I cannot see any avatar, included mine, I only see names floating in the air...

I found a new friend, winlv (吕 actually, which means Lu)

I tried to right-click on her to have an IM conversation, but most of the time I got the "normal" menu with teleport here, etc.

Finally I could get the good menu and chose IM.

Chat and IM are blended in the bottom-left box and it is not easy to figure out if we are in one or in another mode.

Furthermore the copy/paste in the Chat zone gives some surprises...

Sometimes you type some words and your previous copied words are adding into your text!

And now some snapshots...

I am supposed to be sitting on this bench...

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.
Emile Coue, French psychotherapist (1857 - 1926)

And another one just for the fun.

And the last one showing the exit...

The consecutive green dots, it's me!



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