Saturday, December 8, 2007

At last it's clear

The day before yesterday I was desperate.

With the new version, after a short hope on Monday, again my invisibility problem...

Only my name before my eyes, and the only specific action I could do to be sure I was really here was to trigger a special effect, only one, a flame.
the flame and me

But yesterday I made another try and in my system settings, in the Image folder I chose Clear instead of Normal (the third option is Vague...) and finally I was here on my screen again!

A rapid glance at my land and the disillusion was not totally gone, always water under me, where I should have seen something solid to put my feet on.
my waterland

So I decided to investigate a little more the possibilities I had at my hand and I drew the helicopter out of my backpack.

Believe it or not, you can carry a helicopter in your backpack, but I guess everybody is aware that this kind of thing is common in our kind of worlds.
my helicopter

The only drawback is that when you enter the helicopter you become invisible...
ready to fly

But even the invisible woman can start the engine up (look at the pointer)
take off

You can see your helicopter from behind (look at the radio button)
view from behind

You can have a lateral view (look at the radio button)
lateral view

You can even feel like being in the cockpit (look at the radio button)
inside view

Wow! I like this view, you don't know where you go but you can see the landscape moving under you:)
above view

When you want you can push one of the buttons of the HUD and you are dropped by parachute!
jump out

The fall is very slow, actually you fall along with the helicopter and land almost at the same time.
soft landing

And surprise!!
My land is here under my feet again:)
In HiPiHi HQ they must have been informed of my misfortune and they have brought some rocks, earth and grass with their digitized excavators.
at last my land

Don't ask me how, but I flattened the terrain, whereas I wanted to raise a mountain with a plateau at the top...
I was unable to undo what I had done, so I created some objects that I brougth out of my backpack (not easy with the helicopters, the houses, the cars, etc. that were jamming the bag)

Another day I will show you all the stuff I rezzed on my land, so far enjoy the inside of my house.
at home
No furniture, but at least I can watch CNN.
When I know which button I have to push...

Art is science made clear.
Jean Cocteau
French dramatist, director, & poet (1889 - 1963)


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