Saturday, December 15, 2007

HiPiHi: end of the episode

Time to say good-bye to HiPiHi.
This morning I made a last try but it was hopeless...
Since I uploaded the new version I have been having problems with creating objects, my computer does not like that and it goes on strike, occupying my memory for its own and entire usage.
I am now fed up with closing and reopening the application with always the same result.
Yet I removed the old version, I checked several times my hard disk, including a defragmentation that was not really necessary according to Mr XP.
Always the same outcome, many time dedicated to this issue, too much time indeed and without any idea if this problem can be solved at all (maybe it's not my computer that is in question...)

Anyway, I decided before leaving to pay a visit to Daneel, I also hoped to be able to see wangxiang's island, and...
Daneel's place
As I am curious I wanted to see on the map where Daneel was located.
Well, we are not really neighbors...
the map
I wanted to take a snapshot of the house and its surroundings, but the map that I had previously shooted was still here in the middle of the pick...
This kind of detail is really upsetting in the long run.
damned map
After several attempts the map has gone and I can show you the whole panorama.
new Venice?
I hope Daneel has got a bathsuit in his backpack.
or future Atlantis?

Everyone is necessarily the hero of his own life story.
John Barth
US novelist & short story author (1930 - )



Wangxiang Tuxing said...

Un héros verse son sang mais pas de larmes ;)

Sofian said...

J'ai l'impression que le monde de HiPiHi est rempli des larmes versées par ses résidents malheureux...
Quant aux vrais héros ils sont fatigués et n'ont plus la force de verser de larmes, ils ne doivent pas fréquenter ces lieux humides qu'ils laissent à la disposition du vulgum pecus.
Les héros n'aiment pas s'enrhumer, un nez qui coule ça fait mauvais effet sur la photo.
Allez, d'autres mondes nous attendent, il n'y a pas que HiPiHi sur terre!