Friday, December 14, 2007

Some news from HiPiHi

Last Sunday evening (December 9th), before coming back to Basle, I wanted to have another "short" visit in HiPiHi.
Actually I stayed a little more than I expected...
My aim was indeed to register my "real" name, Sofian, so as to have the same one as in Second Life.
Sofian's first visit

When arriving my first idea was to pay a visit to my "sister" Sofi, but unfortunately it was Antlantis city and only the HiPiHi plaque was proving that someone was one day residing here.
at Sofi's

Nearby I found a land in the mountain and I "bought" a parcel with hills and hollows.
Sofian's settlement

I didn't try to "terraform" my land as I still does not understand how it works...
Sofi made an attempt and she only succeeded to flatten her land!
The red segments are fine and surely useful, but nothing happens when I titillate them.
Perhaps I should use chopsticks...?

Some statues from Easter Island are available in the backpack, so I used them to demarcate my territory.
SE corner

NE corner

NW corner

SW corner

A 10000-square meters surface is a good one, and for free, you only have to apply and that's all!
I have no idea if we are limited with the number of prims as we are in SL, it looks like we can put on our land as many objects as we want.

Now, here are some snapshots directly taken from HiPiHi, with some strange effects as you will see...

I wanted first to come into HiPiHi with the French language in Regional Options, only to see the result as I was informed about some odd outcomes.
black avatars

black and headless

Thrilling isn't it?

Now when I restaured my previous parameters the result was a little more comforting.
Of course I was always dunk in immense sea, but at least I had human form.
Lost, but with good-looking lost appearance.
with Chinese language

Well lost is maybe not the exact term, can we be lost if we are two in the same situation? And after all we have the map.
another lost avatar?

Anyway floating in HiPiHi is an experience that you should live at least one time in your whole second life.
The lapping is really relaxing, you feel in another dimension, in case you wouldn't know that you already are in another world.
under water

Uh-oh you should recognize this one, don't tell me you don't.
Sofi's only remaining item

Now on my new land...
Sofian's land

...and with my landmarks.
erecting landmarks

Admiring the moon above the remote mountains that can't be reached (the moon and the mountains, although I am not sure if we can't go onto the moon...)
on the balcony

I often have problems with the snapshots, they seem to stay sometimes in the "paperboard" and are not systematically crushed by a new one; I already noticed this problem with the copy/paste function when I wanted to translate some Chinese words by transferring them in Google: in the chat area my previous copied words were unpleasantly interferring with what I was writing.
imbricated snapshots

Adding objects is not really difficult, you only have to be very patient...
Furthermore, some folders can't be opened, which is rather frustrating.
adding mossy rocks

I am happy with the result, not with the snapshot (I can't control my camera as I would like to do) but with the house and its immediate surroundings that I spent almost two hours to achieve.
OK some of you would have finished in ten minutes what I did in two hours, it's not a reason to laugh your funny arse off.
the house is finished

Maybe you think you already have seen this one?
Look at closer and tell me which are the seven differences with the other one.
misty landscape

I am pretty proud of this one, unfortunately I noticed too late the message from HiPiHi, but never mind, it's funny to see my remote landmark hovering over the top of the hill...

Actually you must know that there are earthquakes in HiPiHi, land is moving and when you put an object somewhere you cannot be sure that you will find it at the same place half an hour later.
land is moving...

Anyway it has no importance at all, all this is doomed to destruction and evaporation with each version upgrade...
Today all is gone and I will have to rebuild my house.
I am not complaining, all this is virtual and my real house is still upright.
Not everybody in the world have my fortune.

Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws.
Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
English humorist & science fiction novelist (1952 - 2001)



Wangxiang Tuxing said...

Once you have activated the terraforming function,

1 to raise the land
2 to lower
3 to flatten

Sofian said...

Many thanks for the info wangxiang, but I think HiPiHi is over for me...
I am now in trouble when I want to create objects: my computer "freezes" and when I look at the task manager I see that my memory is full at 100%...
I have spent (wasted) enough time in this beta world, now I will wait for the commercial release.