Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lost in No-Land

Last night I had a dream, I was floating in the air, sparkles crackling and moon shining, water sound below me, dark blue sky above my head, mist...

I could only see my name before my eyes, in that dream I was Sofi.

But in this dream I had my Nikon camera, and I took a shoot.

somebody far away

I hail the far-distant creature.

The lonely avatar seems not to hear me, he walks away from me, showing me his (her?) back.


While I come closer, he/she keeps on walking away from me.

I start running...


I am always blind and feel like running after my name...

From time to time I shoot right ahead of me with my camera, the only way to see the vanishing form who always tries to fade away.

and away...

Starry fireworks blowing up in the sullen canopy, or star bursting like a spiky firework?

...and away...

White and blue flames glowing under the moon, unless it is the moon glowing above blue and white flames.

Always taking picks with my camera to see where I am going, where this unknown avatar is leading me.

In my dream I have a thought, I imagine I have a mouse in my right hand, with a knurl I can use with my forefinger, and I make the knurl rotate with the tip of my finger.

When I take the next pick I bump into the avatar's back; I am just realizing that the avatar is me, I was chasing my own silhouette in the dark, sightless!

it's me

I suddenly have a doubt...

With my mouse I go round the other me and I face...him!

I am a male

Something surely must go amiss in this dream...

Hopefully, even dreaming I am never taken by surprise and I manage to find a solution.

changing sex

My cloudy mind makes a window appear with strange features, but I know what I have to do.

I immediately feel better, as if a big weight have been removed from my shoulders.

sex changed

It is not really me, the Sofian I am used to be in my alternative life in the other world, but there is nevertheless some resemblance.

I decide to be bold and try looking like my normal self.


eyes and lipstick

My clothes are not really original and I am not able to change them, at least I can change their color.


So far I am happy with the result, no need to go further and waste time on my appearance, more interesting things are awaiting for me.

I still risk, before leaving the place, to put my old clothes that I manage to find somewhere that says "load appearance".

previous one

Obviously my old appearance has disappeared...

Everybody knows that dreams are strange and sometimes they do not follow the same logic from one night to the other.

So I come back to my new outfit, after all it is not so bad.

new one

Now I am ready to go to my home, the one where I settled in my previous dream.

The one my friend Daneel had shooted with his camera because I was totally blind in that dream too.

The one where I had seen from his picks that I was dwelling on a mountain peak, surrounded by canyons, remember?

So, with my mind (I remind you that I am dreaming) I teleport to the place which is marked as my home on the map, and...
I find myself swimming under the rain...

dark water cannot be possible!

I want to be clear in my mind about it and I search my mortgage deed.

my land

It is really, really my land, no doubt about this fact, I can read my name, Sofi.

I rotate on my right, to see where I have "landed" exactly.


I first see my familiar satellite, where I often go when I want to take some distance with my busy planet.

Turning again...

a cape

Cape Horn?


And surprise!

a house

There is a life in the neighborhood, even if the coast looks inhospitable.

Rotating again to have a complete look at the region, I can see nothing more, only water.


Water and water, up to the far horizon.

My curiousity leads me to approach and visit the house.

approaching the house

I can hear the sound of the water when I swim, slowly, slowly...

The cliff is impressive, penetrating deep into the sea.

among waves

I feel like flying instead of swimming.

When I am against the rock face I have no choice but flying up to come closer to the house.


It is a small house, like a doll's house, and I feel like the doll at the moment...

If there is a house, there is an owner.

my neighbor

As I am in a dream, and as in a dream all is allowed, I can get my neighbor's papers.
Hello ismeyu!
But of course nobody answers my call.

It is becoming late now, and my dream has to come to an end, like every dream, and I will have to wake up soon...

my land

Before leaving my little paradise, I look back to see my land one last time.
Where is my mountain? Where are my canyons...?


He who hesitates is not only lost, but miles from the next exit.


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