Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hair, why Pigtails in Second Life

Text and snapshots: Arm Strom

Pigtails: antennas for communication, interpretation, dreaming, imagination and navigation.

The hair make me feel like Pippi Longstocking, the girl from the books of Astrid Lindgren. Pippi carried her horse, sailed the seven seas etc.

Listen to the Pippi songs.


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Sofian said...

Thank you for these songs Arm Pippi!

I hope you will tell us more about this little impish girl, in France we don't know any story about her.

Actually it's maybe because Pippi sounds like another French word...

By the way do you know about Fifi brin d'acier?

Faire "fifi-brin d'acier" (traduction approximative du suédois "Pippi Långstrump" ) : Pratique consistant pour celui qui recoit une fellation à doubler son plaisir en tripotant de façon compulsive les cheveux de la dame.

Arm, you have strange behaviors in Scandinavia!