Monday, February 25, 2008

my first Blogger Day

On Sunday night (for me it was past 11PM) I went to my first blogger party.

When I arrived I was really impressed, small place and a lot of people with some celebrities like Zoe Connolly and Vint Falken that I therefore had the possibility to see "in real" inworld.

My (future) legendary shyness prevented me from immediately approaching all these bloggers who were mostly frenetically dancing.

Zoe was not dancing, but I guess it was because of her paraphernalia.

Actually it is preferible not to move too much when you wear a nitroglycerinized outfit.

A strange catfish was undulating in the middle of the room, remotely scrutinized by a neko I know now pretty well. Nekos love fishes, these two will certainly have something to share by the end of the night.

Being bolder and bolder, I approached with my camera (my body staying prudently outside) so as to better see Vint's right ear that was the most clear-cut part of her body, I even was able to see the spots of the inner ear.

Apparently Vint was more interested by her close neighbor and she neglected the catfish (maybe better for the catfish after all)

But her neighbor seemed not to pay attention to her, maybe she was another anti-neko...?

And yet Vint insisted, I am sure she was dating her by IM.

Finally she was jacked in and she resumed her surveillance of the catfish (looked like an idée fixe...)

Miss Vint Falken, a Great Lady.

As I am not neko-allergenic (unless she is hypo-allergenic) I came closer to Vint.

Actually it was to be with her on the same photo, it is always good to show off a little.

Later in the night I was the only one still dancing, the others had an interesting conversation.

I must admit I still does not know what an Akismet or askimet is...

I have to learn some more tutorials I guess.

Next time I will ask CodeBastard (unfortunately I had not the opportunity to chat with her this night)

By the way where is the catfish...? Hum, Vint is stroking her stomach, maybe a hint...

Crap Mariner must live in space, he does not know gravity.

At least Elusyve Jewel did catch a big fish, and Vint is playing with cogs.

Almost everybody has gone and I stayed a little with Lillie Yifu.

Lillie, another Grande Dame.


Zoe Connolly

Vint Falken

Tiessa Montgolfier

Lillie Yifu

CodeBastard Redgrave

Crap Mariner

Elusyve Jewell

Sorry for all the others that I forgot to notice during the party, but Vint's eyes hypnotized me so much...

The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them.
Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine, 07-10-2006


Veyron Supercharge said...

Gee, at least I have my best side showing for the camera with Vint....


Timothy Lilliehook said...

Welcome to the Blogger's Party World! :)

pia said...

It was a lovely party. I'm very sorry that I didn't get to meet you there. Maybe next blogger party!

The Observer said...

Hmmm What about a little money ?

Sofian said...

Well, now I am observed by someone who wants to give me some money...

Unless she wants me to give her some money instead...?