Sunday, February 24, 2008

S(econd) L(ife) ash tray

There are many ways to attract customers in a mall and boost your turnover, for example you launch a contest and oblige people to buy your products if they want to participate.

SLASH is currently running such contest for the sexiest avatar.

In their mall you can see a large wall where contestants post their photos with Slash Outfits, there is even some photostudios in the place for free usage.

overview from outside
one of the photostudios

I first tried to enter the contest with an old pic that I took at Bear Infohub and that I love much, but it was removed one day after, which proves that they are checking the outfits.

my preferred
Therefore I had no choice but buy something in the mall to be able to participate.

I pitched on a bath suit not too expensive (some L250 if I remember correctly) and took a photo with my own photostudio.

used for the contest
obviously the best one
in the top 50

You are totally free not to vote for me.

Contest rules (excerpts)

SLASH! Contest instructions:

1. You can vote once a day
2. Vote for the nicest picture you see, do not vote for your friend, it is not a popularity contest but a beauty contest !
3. Voting for the nicest picture INCREASES your chance of winning the voter's prize. Voting for your friend decreases your chance !
4. Click on the picture you want to vote for.
5. Wait for a blue menu to appear, verify the text on the blue menu and click Yes if it is correct, No if it is not correct
6. Vote again if you clicked No in the previous step

* You are only allowed to add 1 photo to this contest
You will get this message if you try to enter a second photo to the contest. That is not allowed.
* This photo has already been added to this contest
Every picture has to be unique.


These are non-negotiable rules of the contest, if you enter, it is on the strict understanding that you agree to them. We tried hard to make it as fair as possible for every HONEST contestant. We are sorry that we`ve been forced to tighten the contest rules in comparison with the 1st contest but it seems there is no other way to keep it fair for the majority of honest contestants and to avoid a popularity contest.

1. Contest Theme: Sexiest Avatar

1a. Voting system - Ben will give more detailed voting and technical information in a seperate message/notecard.

You can join the contest in the lobby of the SLASH! sim when it's opened. Many things will stay the same as the first contest, like voting via clicking on the pictures and the contest HUD etc.

In short, the voting system will be as follows:
- Every voter has one vote per day.
- Contestants can't vote for their own pictures.
- A panel of 8 judges will pick the 3 winners from the 50 contestants with highest number of votes.

1b. Prizes: 1st Place: L$50,000, 2nd Place: L$10,000, 3rd Place: L$10,000, Prize for the 2 VOTERS who match closest to the final winning girls win L$10,000 each! The panel of judges will choose a winner from last 100 joining the contest, to win L$10,000. Prizes in total: L$100.000.

2. Photos must show an Avatar wearing a Slash Outfit - NO face only shots please. The picture needs to show at least your face and torso. You can use the photostudios in the Lobby for free. Photoshopped backgrounds are ok, photoshopped avi's are not.

3. Any contestant found to be spamming, begging for votes from the SLASH! group/the people on the SLASH! sims, paying people to vote will be elimiated immediately with absolutely no discussion. The same for any other cheating to grab votes in a unfair way. This is a contest for the sexiest avatar - NOT a popularity contest!!

3a. Please respect the privacy and freedom of other users - using the group channel for any blabla, shouting around on the sim will exclude you from the contest. Nobody wants the chaos we had on some occasions in the 1st contest. Zero tolerance in this point and with any cheating behaviour! NO previous warnings, NO discussions! We will add a script soon that kicks EVERY writer in groupchannel automatically out.

4. Spending multiple hours at the contest wall will be eliminated by an automated script which will evict your avi after 2 hours.

5. The contest will end on midnight SL time on Friday 14th March. This will be followed by a prize-giving event on Sunday 16th March at 2pm SL time (11pm CET). If you are a winner and are unable to attend the prize-giving event for any reason whatsoever, your prize will move to the next person on the list and you LOSE your prize - absolutely no discussions about that too.

6. If successful in winning a prize, you will be required to be at the prize-giving event venue for rehearsals at least one hour before the event start.

7. You will be required to wear a SLASH! costume that we supply at the event and to be available for publicity photos.

8. Rules may change without further notice when unexpected things happens.

Contest Manager: Sudidi Surya
Technical Manager: Ben Turas
In charge for this contest: Dig Dollinger

When you are in any contest you should work as if there were - to the very last minute - a chance to lose it.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
34th president of US 1953-1961 (1890 - 1969)

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