Sunday, February 3, 2008

As I am always helpful, I will propose to Vint an idea of another header for her Blog.

I used a photo I found in Flickr and I promise you that I copied and pasted it as it was.

Nevertheless as I also had her blog open at the same time, I think that some atoms and molecules must have become entangled.

In answer to the question of why it happened, I offer the modest proposal that our Universe is simply one of those things which happen from time to time.
Edward P. Tryon


vint falken said...

*grins* The lady with the stripes is not me though. =d

PS. You're a bit out of dimensions too. Should do a total makeover of the blog layout then. ;)

Sofian said...

Oh really sorry about the confusion Vint!
I was persuaded it was you, why? Because maybe you are 22 or 23 like the girl with the stripes and I didn't see any other girl resembling you...
That's a very bad excuse I know:(
About the makeover of my blog layout if you can help me I would be grateful for the rest of my (or your) days;)
Anyway I didn't intend to produce here a masterpiece, I hope you not only grinned, but laughed a little...
I am admirative of your work and I encourage all my friends and readers (should be 5 at this time...) to go and see your blog.

vint falken said...

It was my blog that needed the makeover, not yours. Actually, I do not know, but does not blogger have tons and tons and tons of templates to pick from?

Yeah, I would have laughed, but yesterday, I was in a grinning mode. ;) Thank you for the complements about my blog, and your readers are totally welcome! :D

Sofian said...

I don't think your blog need a makeover, it is not perfect, because perfection is not reachable in neither First nor Second Life,but it is among the best ones I have seen so far.
As regards my blog it is pitiful compared to what I could do if I only had the necessary skills...
And no, Blogger does not have tons of temmplates, maybe a dozen, and if you want to really improve the layout you have to go into the html code, which I ventured one day, but I was so scared about the result that I didn't save anything and kept my usual template.
I still have so many things to learn (and I don't know if two lives are enough...)