Monday, March 24, 2008

The Fifth Element

Let’s try a new game and continue in the same vein as these kind-of-memes that are (more or less) popular among the blogosphere.

The deal is to propagate something within your environment by tagging other bloggers who will have to disseminate the same ‘something’ to other bloggers and so on with the hope that the whole blogosphere is eventually full of this ‘something’.

It is what we call in French a chaîne pyramidale ou chaîne de Ponzi (pyramidal scheme in English) which is likely to collapse before reaching its target, hence the qualification of fraud when applied to business ( pyramidal selling) or finance (pyramidal banking)

Let’s see if my own pyramidal chain will have long life…

The meme to disseminate

You take the fifth book (from the left or the right) on the fifth shelf (from top or from bottom) of your bookcase (if less than 5 shelves you go and buy a decent bookcase) and you find the fifth line of the fifth page from which you take the fifth word, that’s all.

In a second step you arrange the letters of this word vertically, so as each letter is the first letter of a verse, and you build a poem, an aphorism, whatever you like referring to Second Life.

Here is my first try with “The Usborne Book of World History” where I find at page 5 and line 5: “milk, wool and animals for carrying loads.”

The fifth word is “for” therefore my result is as follows:

Frightened of the griefers I often stay at home but sometimes
Overcoming my fear I dare to go shopping and buy
Ridiculous outfits that will stack in my inventory.

The way to disseminate the meme

You find five (5) people: three (3) you perfectly know and are likely to play the game with you, another one (1) who knows you but is unlikely to pay attention to your solicitation and a fifth element who does not know you at all, you mention all of them in your post and you inform the last two people that you have tagged them (no need for the first three, normally they should read your blog, shouldn’t they?)

Here is my selection :

3 persons I guess are likely to play the game: Lillie Yifu, Wangxiang Tuxing and Cyberloom.

1 person who is unlikely to play the game: Prokofy Neva.

The fifth element: Hatsue.

The rule of the game looks complicated? Normal, it’s part of the game.

It was on my fifth birthday that Papa put his hand on my shoulder and said, 'Remember, my son, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm.'
Sam Levenson
(1911 - 1980)


Sofian said...

My first bet was correct, here is the answer from Prokofy Neva:

I don't like chain letters, go away, you are stupid.

Now let's wait for the rest of the troop.

San Mauvaise said...

What Sofian had forgotten to explain is that... have to invent 5 meme games, the first 3 sensible (likely to spread and work) the fourth downright silly, and the last just strange...

(now which do you think Sofian's was?)


Sofian said...

It's another way to see my rules, anyway I don't like rules and I don't like to explain what people have to do, actually everybody is free to act as they want with this meme game;)

Have fun, that's all!

San Mauvaise said...

Ah, the ultimate meme-game.

1. Take a game
2. Change the rules
3. Have fun playing it with others
4. Tell people about it


(of course I knew that this is what Sofian meant all along, but I could not resist teasing my friend)