Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hot and icemelting fashion show at "Cascade", the new Rezzable sim in Second life

The Cascade iceberg with interesting spots and shopping center, was opened with a fashion show on the 21.04.08.

Text and snapshots: Arm Strom.

The impressing mountain is designed by the architect My Mackenzie and the volcanos by Foolish Frost. Botany Black is also among the constructors. 6 persons have been working with the sim.

Some fashion designers mentioned: Moxie Polano, Forda Fairlane, Collie Cline and Trysta Lacey. All the hair worn with the "Rezzable line" is created by My Mackenzie. Emee Flanagan hosted the show, and Dj Aryon did play the music.

From the local chat: "Applause, applause", "Great job", Great show", "Big thanks to My Mackenzie", "Great music", "Awesome job", "Great job to everyoone", "Rezzable rocks", "I love that outfit", "That was great, i am bloody freezin though", "Now i love a drink with ice", "Awesome sim", "My is the great builder", "Well done My, it is really clever and original", "Great music deserves a tip", "Want to build a snowman Fort?", ....... "I am gonna go explore".

It was a great experience. I have to see the mountain from more angels, and from the outside too!

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Suke said...

Gorgeous photographs Arm! Amazing sim and fabulous looking avis.