Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The new sim Cascade Rezzable, slideshow from the grand opening and fashion show

Slideshow: Arm Strom


vint falken said...

Lovely!! (and way better than the grey goo ones I took :((( )

Are they on Flickr too?


Sofian said...

Wow Arm, you got a compliment from Vint!

It would be nice that your picks be on Flickr:))

Arm Strom said...

The snapshots and some extras are now on the Flickr. Try a search on Arm.Strom

Please tell me if you dont find them or if you suggest some sort of linkage.

Flicr is a new tool for me :-) I need some advice for how to do my uploaded pictures public, and/or how to share them.

Arm Strom said...

"The cloud" in which the slideshow was stored, has evaporated.