Friday, July 11, 2008

aWiWoW (A Week in WoW)

June 29th - Restful landscape in Westfall.

July 1st - Belly dance in the district of mages in Stormwind (performed by my friend Draïlonasta)

July 4th - Pole dance in Winterspring.

July 5th - Firework in Booty Bay.

July 5th - Fishing in Feralas.

July 6th - Nice landscape in Dustwallow Marsh...

July 6th - One more time, the tram between Stormwind and Ironforge (great, it's free of charge!)

July 7th - Leaving Booty Bay, on the boat and with the Corcovagnome in background.

July 8th - Waiting before entering Zul Farak in Tanaris.

July 10th - With my new friend Jtenc at the inn of Thelsamar in Loch Modan.

July 11th - Queuing at the bank in Stormwind (no, she is not one of my friends...)

July 11th - Star ceiling in Elwynn Forest.

July 11th - Peaceful time near the cathedral of Stormwind (even if I am atheist I like the peace of temples)

Few words and some pics
Are better than nothing.


Suke said...

Fascinating pix! Will you put them on Flickr too?
cheers, Suke

Sofian said...

Well, there has been a long time since I put something on Flickr, it is a good opportunity to come back again and show the world where I am in!

Suke said...

Great! A slideshow of Mannonnelf's travel photos coming soon!

Sofian said...


Suke said...

Your pictures look really good on flickr! Now we can see them bigger and in more detail. WOW looks amazing and weird at the same time... very tempting!