Sunday, July 20, 2008

Parallel virtual lives

My rogue and my mage will never meet in-world.
Neither any other alt I could create (I also have started a priest draenei that I will show you soon)
But they can communicate by the way of the mail provided they are in the same faction; alliance characters and hord ones do not speak the same language and cannot understand each other.

July 12 - My mage is trying to reach the moon in the Stonetalon Mountains, so far she is level 32, it's yet a long way to the paradise.

July 12 - Waiting for the boat in Menethil.

July 14 - My rogue prefers to hide in Azshara (she would do better looking back...)

July 18 - The scarlet monastery in Tirisfal Glades.

July 18 - After the raid in the monastery, it's time to put some cash at the bank with my friend Alustriela.

July 20 - Lonesome mage in Arathi Highlands (we can see that it is vacation time, few people in the vicinity)

July 20 - At last, a good bottle of 'Idontknowwhatthefuckitis' at Booty Bay before going to bed.

You know that the day was good when you are still alive.

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