Saturday, November 3, 2007


From the Irish clubs of Dublin to the Shamrock.

What is the Shamrogue Island Project?

Shamrogue Island is a virtual world sim development project inspired by a real world proposal to create three islands in the middle of Dublin Bay forming the shape of a giant shamrock, connected by a causeway "stem" to the Dublin mainland. Approval for this real world proposal is pending. *coffHOAXcoff*coffPUBLICITYPLOYcoff* In the meantime, approval and funding WERE received to build Shamrogue Island in Second Life.

What will Shamrogue Island in Second Life have to offer?

Second Life residents will enjoy in Dublin 2 Shamrogue Island all the things they enjoy in Dublin 1, including: a photorealistic themed immersive build, regular live music events, special festivals, and regular simulcasts. Two entertainment venues are being added as well as custom shops and residences. The sim is terraformed at five levels for a variety of experiences getting around, including: air (flying), ground (walking, driving), sea surface (swimming, sailing), underwater (diving), and seabed (trenches, chambers).

Who is building Shamrogue Island?

Ham Rambler is owner and business manager of Dublin in SL, whose vision brought about the Shamrogue Island expansion project. Sitearm Madonna is the project and development manager, master planner and terraformer. Kal Hocken is the overall concept designer and custom builder for functional structures such as the Viking Boat Office Towers and the Innovative Contemporary Art Gallery. Dane Benford is the custom builder for specialty structures such as the Causeway Bridge and Dublin Yacht Club Docks. Additional custom work is being commissioned.

When will Shamrogue Island be ready?

The Shamrogue Island Grand Opening is currently targeted for St. Patrick's Day, 2008. There will likely be a Sneak Preview before this date.

What else should I know?

. See the video that inspired it all:
Dublin Coastal Development

The Lilly may fade and its leaves decay,
The Rose from its stem may sever,
The Shamrock and Thistle may pass away,
But the Stars will shine forever.
David Graham

But the shamrock has the form of a star, isn't it?

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